This Just Might Work

Welp, America seems to have pulled itself through another crisis ~ or two ~ these last few weeks. It’s amazing to watch people helping people, regardless of race, class or gender; evidence of what I have always believed: America is made up of good people. We ABSOLUTELY have some rotten ones, but the vast majority of us will lend a helping hand when needed and appreciate an opportunity to be of assistance.

Mike’s roots are in Houston, Texas, so when Hurricane Harvey hit we spent night and day checking in on friends and family. Thankfully, no one close to him suffered any major damage. One night when he and his childhood friend Ron were chatting on the phone after the flood waters receded, Ron (who is African-American) said, “Mike, why are we tearing down statues? If you had been down here in the thick of things, you would have seen all kinds of people helping each other out. Man, something like this lets you know what people are really made of.”

I happen to agree with him.

Now please know this: **I 100% BELIEVE THERE ARE RACIST PEOPLE IN THIS WORLD AND IN THIS COUNTRY** There are evil, wicked, hate-filled people in the north, south, east and west. But I have a theory that if we didn’t acknowledge the demonstrations of wickedness, they’d only be entertaining themselves.

When our kids were young, the littlest two spent hours and hours in the car with me while I picked up the older ones from various after-school activities. To entertain herself, Becky used to pick at John ~ who was allllllways good for a hot reaction. She used to lean over and whisper ‘you’re a girl,’ to which he would lose his mind.

(This isn’t an actual picture of my children, but this was the scene). While John was freaking out, I simply asked him, ‘are you a girl?’ “NO!” “Then why would you even respond when she says something so silly? Do you see that she simply wants to get a reaction out of you?” But for some reason it was really hard for him not to react.

Maybe I’m over-simplifying things, but I believe nobody can de-value a person without their permission. Someone may treat me with disrespect, but I have enough respect for myself to know who I am, regardless of their opinion. It may hurt, it may offend, but there’s a little spark inside of me that refuses to give my offenders the satisfaction of offending me.

There’s a satanic statue in Detroit, my hometown. Everything about satan is offensive to me. He and his followers, by default, are haters of my God and probably of me. I don’t care if a band of worshipers spent every hour of every day worshiping that statue, marching, and performing satanic rituals, I’m going to ignore them. And I wonder what would happen if we did the same to the hateful white supremacist groups. Let them carry on ~ void of attention, void of opposition. What if we simply ignored their antics and didn’t participate in the strife? If there’s a march or a gathering of any isolated, narrow-minded group of people, why go and protest? I guess I would ask you: ‘Do you know you’re a valuable member of society? Do you know that it doesn’t matter what evil people think of you or say to you, that it doesn’t change the fact that you’re here for a purpose? May I remind you not to let the actions of a few nasty people affect how you act? May I remind you that it requires far more strength to overcome hate with love?’

I’m so thankful for the visual representation of true America as we’ve weathered national crises these last few weeks. We the people, the masses that make up this great country, are indeed all about love.



  1. Rosemary says:

    This is so true Kim. I must remind myself daily to overcome hate and anger directed at me with nothing but Love for God molded my heart.

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