A few months ago I casually listened to a celebrity on a talk show (so casually, I don’t remember the celebrity OR the talk show!) as he shared his recent revelation about his own addiction to distraction — specifically electronic detractors. He is a father with young children and recognized how difficult it was for him to fully engage in anything until he made some drastic changes.

Last week, I felt the need to take prayer a little deeper, and while I know the fundamental benefits of fasting, I rarely do it. Somehow I knew it was time to exercise some discipline and pondered how to make it the most impactful for me.  Since I’m forever depriving myself of enjoyable food, I thought about doing something a little more sacrificial and remembered the television conversation about an electronic fast. So, for the 3 days before my birthday at the end of last week, I gave up social media and my electronic games.

I was NOT prepared for how difficult that would be.

For several years, I have been praying and asking God to help me hear His voice more clearly. I know I have a certain level of communication with Him, but as a family we have had some really difficult circumstances the last couple years, and I sure wanted direction and some answers. I would have settled for any manner of His former Biblical displays: His speaking through a burning bush would have been awesome, or I would have welcomed an angel showing up in my room one day; I just wanted to hear His voice.

I should have figured out a long time ago that there was a connection between my dullness of hearing and my addiction to distractions. 

Certainly, if I were to rank addictions according to their level of severity and danger, Words with Friends would probably not make the list. But for me, it was subtly, slowly becoming a problem. I wouldn’t go 90 seconds of free time without checking my phone for texts and emails. Once I responded to those, I checked Facebook, Instagram and played my game. These are all harmless in and of themselves, but I had to look at it this way: if God was sitting in the room right next to me, and I had a bunch of questions for Him, would I be scrolling through Facebook? Definitely not. I’d be asking Him. I’d drop everything to wait as long as it took to hear what He had to say.

So that’s what I did for three days. It was refreshing, but more than that it was quite convicting. While I can justify checking social media because my skincare business operates via social commerce, the truth is I had grown squirmy and impatient. God is all things good — but He’s also jealous. He was willing to wait for me while I exhausted all of my empty options to recognize He was there all along…waiting for me to put down my phone and give Him my undivided attention.


Those three days have marked me. When my schedule frees up throughout the day, instead of automatically heading for my phone, I stop and see if I feel God wants my attention, and as a result I am noticing ever-improving communication.


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