What Was He Thinking? (Part 1)

This is a big week for all of humanity. And it’s THE week if you’re a follower of Christ. In the next few days I’d like to give some insight into God’s plan for us and His great love for us, as evidenced by Jesus’ experiences leading up to Easter.


Everything Jesus did was for a reason. Everything. Even His seemingly insignificant words and deeds were of importance, most of which fulfilled Old Testament prophesies. On Palm Sunday, the Sunday before his death and resurrection he rode into Jerusalem on a donkey to the adoration of the crowds celebrating his arrival, honoring and esteeming Him with cries of “Hosannah in the Highest” and laying palm branches down before the donkey’s path. Palm branches were a symbol of triumph during the Roman empire.

There is significance to the donkey, too, in that a donkey represented peace as opposed to a horse, the animal for battle. The donkey is also considered lowly in the animal kingdom ~ Jesus chose to make himself low to be able to identify with the lowest of us. What he deserved was the most regal of stallions, yet He knew He must fulfill the foretelling of that day (Zechariah 9:9) and ride in on a donkey.

What’s most meaningful to me is the crowds. They cheered, they praised and adored Him, yet He wasn’t moved by that. In modern day vernacular, He’d have had record amounts of twitter followers, been the hottest media topic and would have represented what’s trending now. There would no doubt be a YouTube video of His celebrated arrival with millions of views and His presence would have been requested on all the hottest daily shows. But Jesus knew better than to be stirred by the public adulation. He knew most of these very people who were screaming his name and throwing themselves at Him would, in a matter of only a few days, be the very ones to turn their chants of praise to screams of “Crucify Him.” He took the cheers in stride, unmoved; He simply obeyed His Father’s orders and fulfilled His call.

If we’re to be like Jesus, this is an area many of us trip over. There is such a rich fulfillment in running your race for an audience of One. At various times in life depending on the situation, we will either be the hero or the goat. We can be on a mountain top or in a valley, and the jury of public opinion can be an enticing snare if we let it. The process of devaluing the opinion of others is an arduous one, but so valuable in the end.

I can guarantee you this: I don’t know how or when, but at some point in your journey with God, He will bring you to a place you’ll have to choose between pleasing Him or pleasing the crowds.

If we’re to truly fulfill God’s plan for us, somebody along the way isn’t going to like it. Do as Jesus did and ignore the crowds, whether they’re chanting “Hosannah in the Highest” or “Crucify Him.” As long as you know God is pleased with you, carry on with your head held high. Your reward is with Him.



  1. Lynn Siewert says:

    Such a timely – and timeless – reminder. Thank you, Kim. Grace and peace.

  2. Grace Montenegro says:

    Thanks Kim. I so needed this encouragement today. It’s been a hard few months of transition. God bless you and your family this Easter and always.

    Grace Montenegro

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