We’ve Made It!

This photo is from Spring 2012, as Spring 2013 appears to have hit a snag. Minnesota's temperatures reached the upper 70's this past weekend, allowing for the kids' first un-cancelled track meet of the season. The day was one for the books: picturesque azure skies with brush stroked clouds, musical robins and sparrows ushered in daylight starting in the wee hours; dirty, salty snow piles melted … [Read more...]

My Mouth on Mute

The weather. It's a harmless enough subject; the basis for the majority of checkout register chit chat, right? Except for me. For the immediate future, I'm not to talk about the weather. This post is really about much more than the weather, but I got myself in a bit of trouble talking about Minnesota's seemingly endless winter. Right after that goofy Punxsutawney Phil predicted we'd have … [Read more...]