The Lenten Season, pt. 4

The stores have their Easter goodies displayed front and center, shopping carts are stocked with sunscreen and travel-size toiletries in preparation for Spring Break getaways, and the air is electric with excitement for the first day of Spring and its potential for warmer temperatures. I, too, have caught Spring Fever, yet in all of the holiday hubbub, I want to be cautious not to overlook the full impact of Christ’s enormous sacrifice on the cross. For Christians, Easter is the highest holiday, because we celebrate the resurrection of a savior that makes Him the God above all gods. No other worshiped being conquered death and arose like He did.

My last Soul Snippet posts were an attempt to cover the curses that His death has redeemed us from. Entire books and commentaries have been written on the subject for centuries, so I’m aware that I’m barely scratching the surface, but I’d like for you to have a more working knowledge of the authority we have over physical, emotional, and financial impoverishment. Upon my initial exposure to and understanding of the true meaning of redemption, I went digging to find the ‘catch’. Even though I’m not a bad person, and I haven’t committed felony crime kinds of sins, I am fully aware of my imperfections. And for years those imperfections drove the feeling that what Jesus did on the cross for me was just too good to be true. Surely I need to pay something. Well I can tell you that it IS too good. But it IS true.

Picture with me your most beloved relative, preferably one much older than you. I had wonderful grandparents in my life, and I can picture any one of those four sweet people. I’ll use the term ‘Papa’. Let’s say your Papa lives with you and you see him wake before dawn each and every day to begin the long, arduous task of walking to work. Rain or shine, winter and summer he walks miles and miles to and from his job. Well into what should be his retirement years, he sets out with the same worn-out pair of shoes, a jacket that doesn’t effectively protect him from the elements, gloveless hands turned calloused and dry to the point of bleeding, and achy knees and legs that have significantly slowed with age. He returns, exhausted, every evening with barely enough time to bathe so he can rest a bit before repeating the process again the next day. You ask him why he’s so determined to continue working, why he works so hard, and ultimately why he suffers, to which he replies, “Im doing it so you won’t have to.” 

Would your heart not break? Wouldn’t you want to do everything you could to show him your gratitude? I’d want to at least massage his blistered, bloody feet and moisturize his dry, cracked hands and feed him a warm, tasty meal when he got home in the slightest attempt to convey my gratitude, knowing it wouldn’t  scratch the surface of payment for how he provided for me. I’d want to live my life in a way that reflects the love my Papa had for me.

This Easter, that’s the heart I want you to have for Jesus. By reading these posts, I’d love for you to have further insight into the suffering and sacrifice He made, so you won’t have to. The mind boggling thing is, He doesn’t ask for much in return. All He does is give and give and give. His heart’s desire is for as many of His ‘kids’ to take advantage of the provisions He’s made, and spread the word.

Take a few moments to pause and reflect on the heart of a loving God, whose desire was to display boundless love for you on that Calvary cross more than two thousand years ago.



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