The Lenten Season, pt. 3

Eleven years ago when I first started studying the passage in Deuteronomy 28, I was struck by the detailed accounts of the sicknesses listed among the curses. I had no idea the quagmire I’d be stepping into as I studied the depths of the meaning, referencing and cross-referencing, when I naively shared my new-found understanding with a Bible Study group I was leading.

I excitedly shared that Isaiah 53:4-5 says that He bore (took) our sicknesses and diseases and with the stripes that He took we are healed and made whole! If you’ve ever seen the movie The Passion of the Christ, the most uncomfortable scene to watch is when the Roman soldiers are beating Jesus to a bloody pulp. Every one of those lashes of the whip made bloody marks, which are the stripes the Isaiah verse refers to, on His back and front. I’ve heard it said that every single sickness that plagued the people of that day, along with every single sickness that wasn’t around yet but plagues us today, was represented by those stripes. Jewish law of that time dictated that only 39 lashes were allowed during a crucifixion, and yet Jesus took way more than 39; every single one had a purpose to ultimately benefit you and me with healing and health.

Also, the wicked Roman soldiers placed a crown of thorns that was intended to mock Jesus’ declaration that He was indeed the King of the Jews. Without knowing it, they fulfilled God’s original plan for the shedding of Jesus’ blood from His head. With that crown of thorns dug into his head and face, the blood flow gave a way for us to have a sound mind free of guilt, worry, depression or any other mental anxieties.

Several years ago when I was leading the study group, one of the members of that group took exception to the fact I taught that Jesus shed His blood so that we don’t have to be burdened with sickness and disease. The group split that day, and sadly churches have been divided over the issue for decades. I was unaware of the tenderness of the issue; I was truly excited to share it! After all, He must have gone into great detail to mention specifics for a reason. It said in Deuteronomy 28:22 that fevers, consumption (tuberculosis), and inflammation are covered. In 28:27 we can be healed from boils, tumors or itch, which made me think of cancer and skin maladies such as eczema. Prolonged sicknesses are mentioned in verse 59. And even if your infirmity isn’t specifically mentioned, then verse 61 covers ‘every sickness and every plague which is not written.’ I couldn’t fathom why that would offend someone.

The last thing I ever want to do in any area of my life is bring division. I am called to unite; I’m called to bring peace. So my intention for bringing awareness to all that Jesus did on that cross over 2000 years ago is to enlighten readers to the fact that hope is available. When I was admonished for teaching about healing, I shrunk back a bit and vowed to do a little more studying. Maybe I missed something. Maybe I had it wrong. But no, eleven years later I’m even more convinced that God made a way of escape from sickness and disease.

The million dollar question is ‘Then why are so many people still sick?’  I certainly understand the question, and even asked it myself. And after studying the subject for years, I can only say the answer is so multi-faceted. However, may I challenge you to do what I did with the information:

First, receive it. It’s ok to be a little skeptical, but be skeptical on the side of ‘prove it’, versus ‘I think she’s full of #$%^!!

Second, mull it around in your mind. Picture the beatings He took during the crucifixion. Think about all of those lashes. Re-read the Deuteronomy 28 passage with greater insight as to the magnitude of purpose for all of them.

Third, test it out. I started with a little headache. Instead of reaching for the Tylenol, I remembered that it was a pain that Jesus bore on the cross for me … as seemingly insignificant as that seemed. Ask God specifically to take away the headache, or whatever is ailing you.

Does this mean I’ve never been sick again? No. But any time I do feel something coming on, I immediately put my prayers in action, reminding myself that Jesus took the infirmity so that I don’t have to. Each time, I move closer and closer to living in supernatural health and countless headings have taken place over the years.

Resist the urge to think ‘what about my grandmother (or whoever) that we prayed and prayed for but they still died?’ I couldn’t possibly begin to have all of the answers for every scenario, for only God knows the inner workings of the heart. I am only asking you to extend yourself towards taking full advantage of the incredible price that was paid for you on the cross. In fact, the next time you receive communion, you’re reiterating God’s purpose when you acknowledge His body that was broken for you, and His blood that was shed for you. The bread represents the body and the cup represents the blood. Take communion in the fullness of God’s intent. Just think…you’ve got nothing to lose and so much to gain.

God is so pleased with your efforts to learn more about Him and His love for you.



  1. Barbara Courtley says:

    Thank you for sharing your heart, Kim. Thank you for sharing God’s truth. There is so much to learn–even at this stage of life. We are so glad you are leading and pointing in the right direction. Our love to you, Dad & Mom

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