Good Friday

Dear Jesus:

There are television and movie depictions of the suffering you endured on this day over 2000 years ago, and I can barely watch. The pain and trauma you endured goes beyond my realm of comprehension, especially since You did nothing wrong ~ You chose to willingly lay Your life down so I would have victory in this life. Forgive me if at times it seems as though I am almost calloused about your suffering. It’s not that at all. It’s just that my brain has such a limited capacity to understand the magnitude of Your love to do that for me.

So as I understand it, all You want from me is to BELIEVE. Believe in all You did for me on that horrendous cross. Believe that the price has been paid for all of my sin, weaknesses and defeat. Well I do believe. As far as my limited heart can believe, I believe. And may I live out the remainder of my days learning how to receive and believe  even more.

To say thank you sounds so pitiful. I feel unworthy of your great sacrifice, yet I know that cheapens what You did. So I’ll leave it at ‘thank you.’ May I live my life in a way that reflects my profound gratitude. May I raise my family to wholly reflect Your goodness.




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