Rite of Passage

For the first 20+ years of our marriage, the size of our vehicle grew in direct proportion with the number and the size of the children the cars were transporting. We began with a mini van, waaaaay back in the day, and while I can appreciate their effectiveness, I could never appreciate their aesthetics. Which is a nice way of saying I never liked their looks. The fact that I grew up in the … [Read more...]

Happy Sadness

We've been experiencing emotional schizophrenia for the last week here, and it has to do with this sweet family: Kristen and Cooper have been in Minnesota for the past 11 months; Kristen was 'great with child' and getting dangerously close to being unable to fly when we moved from California last year, so they set up shop in time for Brooklynne to make her late-June debut. It has been pure … [Read more...]