Finished Business

Aside from the seriousness of honoring America's Veterans that often thanklessly risk life and limb for this great nation and it's citizens, Memorial Day is also considered the 'official start of summer,' especially in parts of the country that don't enjoy summer-like weather year-round. It's particularly fitting that this marks the 'official start of whatever God has in store for us.' I just … [Read more...]

Glitter and Gowns

We are knee deep in an eventful spring, so I wanted to give a little progress report on our festivities through this point in May. I mentioned my fascination with the Royal Wedding that took place in London last month, and wedding fever hit California, too, although not before our senior attended her prom here out west, and our junior enjoyed her first prom in Minnesota: Each of the … [Read more...]

News of the Day

I had drafted a post that was going to be rather fluffy ~ Royal Weddings, proms, and the like. So, I'll briefly go there, before I challenge you with a little more depth for your soul. First, of course, we had the Wedding of the Decade. True Royal weddings are rare enough, so the mere historicity of it would justify my interest. But I will be honest and confess that I set my alarm for 2 a.m. … [Read more...]