Never Again

Probably because I've been spending inordinate amounts of time by myself and in my own head, lately I'm keenly aware of everything. It seems that somehow, some way, someone turned my sensitivity sonar up much higher than I'm used to. I'm doing my best to spend two weeks at a time between California and Minnesota, resulting in a feeling that I'm neither here nor there, and quite possibly somewhere … [Read more...]

It’s Spring Somewhere

After a week of balmy 50-degree days, yesterday's rain and dreary drizzle gave way to evening reports of a 'chance of flurries' for today. And this is what awaited us when the blinds went up this morning: I figure God was busy all night long preparing this little springtime surprise for us. I grew up in Michigan, and spent 20 years in Chicago, so I'm not at all naive to the fact that the … [Read more...]

Friends with Benefits

Well, not those benefits... This is a shout out to friends that perform all manner of friend-like deeds. I've got to believe that girlfriends that fly across the country on their own dime to come and help you pack an entire house for your move will have a special spot reserved for them in heaven. And that's just what Jacky did last week; and while we're at it, Jan and Kim and Trish are local … [Read more...]