Through the Valley

Whenever I have ever heard about anyone in my life talking about getting fired from a job, my only internal response was 'oh my gosh, I hope I NEVER get fired!' Even though whoever is speaking about getting fired previously in their life is usually speaking from a new perch, and 99% of the time thankful for the firing, because it led them to their new and better life position, I didn't want to … [Read more...]

Christmas in the NFL

Merry Christmas! It's Tuesday before the Saturday of Christmas, and I would imagine that 98% of workplaces around the globe are dialing down the deadlines, and dialing up plans for the Holiday parties. NFL teams would fall into the 2% of workplaces that will see no let-up in responsibilities as we approach December 25. If we're not careful, we can let Christmas celebrations get completely … [Read more...]

My Christmas List

One of the little joys of the season is rushing to the mailbox every day. This time of year it's filled with holiday greetings and family photos with letters that catch us up on an entire year. Our house is set up from the road a bit, so each afternoon when I make my way down the driveway slope to grab all of the mail that fills the box to overflowing, and then make my way back up the hill, I'm … [Read more...]