What Happens in the Tomb Won’t Stay in the Tomb

I haven't written for a very long time, and I'm about to share why. On my social media pages, I've been doing a story week, leading up to the Greatest Story Ever Told, which is that of Jesus and His Resurrection. Today, though, I am telling a bit of our story... Fifteen years ago, when Mike had been retired from playing football for ten years (and home and driving me nearly bonkers!!), I knew … [Read more...]

I’m a Working Girl!

Well, sort of. I haven't worked outside the home since 1984, for about 20 minutes after I got married. At that time, Mike was playing for the Chicago Bears and had every Tuesday off during the season, along with most of January, February and March. We had our first child in 1986 and my life's work began, and hasn't stopped, by navigating the parental seas for seven children. Our youngest is a … [Read more...]

Weeds and the HOA

The home we are are currently renting, I believe I mentioned before, is in a beautiful, gated Jack Nicklaus golf community. The houses are meticulously landscaped, each different in design and style, and the trees are mature and lush. That's part of the beauty of Minnesota ~ as soon as your bags are packed in late spring, right before the realtor is phoned, and you absolutely canNOT take another … [Read more...]

January 31, 2013

...a day I have been dreading for months. Until I opened my eyes this morning, the date hovered ominously over my thoughts. But to my complete amazement, my anticipation of doom couldn't have been more incorrect. Following is a vulnerably candid example of a deep spiritual principle that I'd love for all of my readers to understand. God is with you THROOOOOGH the trial. Misspelling … [Read more...]

End of the Season

Happy New Year! 2011 has come to a close, representing the end of a football season, the end of the holiday season, and more importantly, the end of one of the most difficult spiritual seasons of my life. I remember times when Mike, as both a player and a coach, would gather as a team the Monday after a dismal performance on the field the day before, and all but erase the … [Read more...]

Costumed Couples Shower

I am not, and really have never been, a fan of Halloween. Even as a kid, I could skip right over the day and head straight for the Holidays ~ the REAL holidays! I've been asked many times about my opinion of whether Christians should celebrate Halloween, which is considered by many as satan's holiday. So here's my opinion... We never celebrated Halloween as a holiday. The day had one purpose, … [Read more...]

…and Middle School Football

The junior high football programs that we've been associated with have all played their games on mid-week afternoons as soon as school lets out, and the Middle School that John attends is no exception. There are 6 games on the schedule, and all are primarily on Tuesday or Thursday. But for NFL coaches, Tuesdays are game plan implementation day, and Thursdays are for practice, leaving it next to … [Read more...]

On College, College Visits, and College Football

What a whirlwind couple weeks I've had! We've been preparing for Jackie's new college adventure for the last six weeks, and the time for her to leave home to embark on the next exciting phase of her life finally arrived. We loaded up her car and she and I headed out before the crack of dawn last Wednesday en route to Branson, Missouri. The kids have attended Kamp Kanakuk for at least 15 … [Read more...]


This Sunday, smack dab in the middle of the Labor Day weekend, was Mike's last day off until the Bye Week, which for us is in early November. Because I promised not to live with dread in my last post, I purposed to be optimistic about the free day we were given, instead of thinking about the 60 days before the next time we can spend together. The kids all woke up at 11 am to the smell of bacon, … [Read more...]

A Culture of Respect

"Children honor your father and your mother ~ this is the first commanment with a promise ~ that all may be well with you and that you may live long on the earth." I just returned from a visit with Jill and OJ at their new home in Redskins land, and this verse ran through my mind over and over while I was there. When I arrived on Wednesday, OJ's father and his 'uncle' Mr. Aliu, along with his … [Read more...]