3 R’s

This week flew by, following last week's 3-day President's Weekend. I had the privilege of speaking at a women's retreat for the second year, and I've fallen in love with the community of Warsaw, Indiana, and Warsaw Community Church. I felt as if I was visiting home again. Last year, in the early stages of my emotional healing, I spoke to them of the importance of not giving up, staying the course … [Read more...]

Giving Back

As we officially begin the holiday season with Thanksgiving this weekend, many of us look for opportunities to help members of our community that are in need. As an organization, the 49ers are incredibly generous, and virtually every Tuesday during the season, many of the players spend their day off at organized events throughout the Bay Area. Today was no exception. The team organized our … [Read more...]


Earlier this week we said goodbye to London, and goodbye to my girlfriends. I'm not sure I can put into words the wonderful time we had. Usually, when five women get together, it would be safe to expect some level of drama, or pouting, or just plain annoyance. But not this time. We must have all been in need of a vacation, because we simply had a spectacular time together. Here are a few more … [Read more...]

That’s What Friends Are For

Sunday night I left a very dejected 49er team as they boarded a chartered flight to London and headed to Detroit. I picked up the girlfriends that would ultimately join me for an incredible opportunity to enjoy an overseas getaway in the middle of fall. In life, there are many different kinds of friendships. Not all of the friends that cross our paths are meant to be around forever, but this … [Read more...]

The ultimate…

I’ve made a very general observation while I’m here in the South. It seems that Southerners are a little more demonstrative of their pride in the U. S. of A. than Californians. In California, it’s a rare sight to see homes displaying our country’s flag, but there must be 4 or 5 on my parents’ street alone, and hundreds throughout their community. Seeing all these flags and seeing some … [Read more...]


I am a firm believer in growth and maturity of character, but I made a sad realization today... In my earlier post about going green, I mentioned that I was taking baby steps toward making the best choices for myself and this family. Since moving out to California, Mike has been insistent that we shop at Whole Foods or Trader Joe's.  My own preference is to shop at Whole Foods because it seems … [Read more...]

Going Green

One of the most enjoyable aspects of living in California is the beauty of it.  We live in northern California, where we’re surrounded by mountains and valleys, palm trees and evergreens and redwoods, the ocean and the bay, and beautiful flowers and plant life.  And Californians are extremely serious about preserving all of this beauty.  They have some of the most progressive ‘Green’ … [Read more...]

Come and sit a spell

I live in snippets ~ I catch snippets of the news, snippets of the paper, snippets of the kids’ activities in between real responsibilities and some occasional relaxation. But the God of the universe doesn’t really do snippets.  He longs for us to have an uninterrupted, heart-felt conversation with Him through prayer.  He really cares, and He cares so much that He insists that we shut off … [Read more...]

A little about me…

If you watch David Letterman, you’re no doubt familiar with his ‘Top 10" lists.  There’s something about lists that intrigue and fascinate, isn’t there?  So I’ve compiled a very random list of facts to help you get to know me a little better: I love, love Starbucks.  Not Peet’s.  Not Caribou.  Starbucks. I’ll never be considered a ‘foodie’.  I have the kind of stomach … [Read more...]