This Just Might Work

Welp, America seems to have pulled itself through another crisis ~ or two ~ these last few weeks. It's amazing to watch people helping people, regardless of race, class or gender; evidence of what I have always believed: America is made up of good people. We ABSOLUTELY have some rotten ones, but the vast majority of us will lend a helping hand when needed and appreciate an opportunity to be of … [Read more...]

This Goofy Election

I'm not sure I could come up with a quippy new anything regarding the presidential election of 2016. There have been rants, threats, aggressive tirades; there have been prayer meetings, tearful pleas, and silent protests. And my go-to response for all things contentious and conflicted? To squirm. In silence. Seeking cover and anonymity. I mentioned before I only write when I feel inspired by … [Read more...]

Tough Love

On this day, the coaching world lost two of the greats. I didn't have any personal encounters with Pat Summitt, the coach of the Tennessee Volunteers women's basketball team from 1974 to 2012, but I do know she was the winningest D1 basketball coach ever. Ever. Male or female, ever. My parents live in Knoxville, Tennessee, where she coached. It's a small, big town with a real college town vibe. … [Read more...]

You Have No Idea How Much This Hurts Me

I've only boycotted one store in my entire life; a shop in Highland Park, IL:  I was looking for a formal dress to wear to a black-tie function Mike and I were attending at a higher-end dress shop. I wandered around the small shop for about 10 minutes while the sales associates were huddled together. They looked at me a few times, but made absolutely no effort to help me, or even ask if I needed … [Read more...]

We’re Doing It Wrong

Another senseless shooting. More lives lost. Lives that matter, because all lives matter. I may be hasty in my post, because we don't know the real motive of the shooter. We don't know his religious or political bent, or his mental state, aside from the very obvious sickness it requires to massacre fellow human beings. All we do know is that he targeted Christians. And several unassuming, … [Read more...]

Rites of Passage

Memorial Weekend, the traditional start-of-summer ~ even if the calendar chooses to hold off for a few more weeks ~ is usually a time for me to segue into the warm months, strolling through the flower markets and designing our flower pots in my mind. It's a time to sleep in, enjoy coffee on the deck and barbecue and putz. Not this year, though. This year, we celebrated! Mike, John, Becky and I … [Read more...]

Giving Back

Mike's playing days afforded him much more free time than his coaching days do, so events added to the calendar are given long, hard consideration before being confirmed. This year, when his presence was requested at TURN, a reformation project taking place at Angola State Penitentiary in Louisiana, he jumped at the chance to spend a weekend at the maximum security prison. He had one caveat, … [Read more...]

This I Know…

It's the morning after the most divisive presidential election of my lifetime, and half of the country is in a panic, and the other half of this nation is elated. I have avoided posting my personal opinions on social media, preferring instead to stand tall in the face of division and point us toward unity. And that's exactly what I'll continue to do. Irrespective of which side of the political … [Read more...]

Rise Up…On Our Knees

Unless you've just landed here in America from another planet, you're intensely aware that there is a very important election coming up on November 6. I abstain from making quippy comments about candidates, or even 'liking' snarky statements on Facebook. As an American citizen, I feel the political arena has become so disappointing. In my opinion, our nation's leaders have completely lost sight of … [Read more...]

Until then…

By the end of next week, the Singletary Family will be hoppin'! Kristen and Cooper will have moved into their own digs, Jill and OJ will be in for a visit/decorate Kristen and Cooper's new digs/help unpack boxes in new digs, Matt will learn of his NFL fate, and Jackie will have graduated from her LINK year program. Throw in my trip to Branson, MO for the graduation, a volleyball tournament, and … [Read more...]