Reinforcing Your Calling

New to the 2013 schedule, each team in the NFL plays a nationally televised Thursday night game. The preparation between the prior Sunday's game and the Thursday match-up is intense with one or more near all-nighters, but the weekend following the game becomes a mini-Bye with an enjoyable couple days off. This past spring, we were informed that Mike was chosen to receive the Tom Landry Award … [Read more...]

Giving and Receiving

...or so I thought. Turns out, though, I've had to re-think this of late. A while back, I heard a message at church about how we are really good at giving, but need to learn how to receive. Of course, on the anniversary of the attack on our country September 11 twelve years ago, we all think back to how as a collective nation, we rallied and gave. We gave generously of our money, our time, our … [Read more...]

On Mothers and Mothering

I would imagine I wasn't the only teenage girl whose mother's advice was met with eye rolls and disdain. How I treated my mom during my bratty high school years would be on the short list of 'Things I Would Do Differently If Given The Chance.' I didn't necessarily display rebellious behavior; I wasn't a police blotter type of problem child, but for matters of the heart, I am not proud of my … [Read more...]

Good Friday

Dear Jesus: There are television and movie depictions of the suffering you endured on this day over 2000 years ago, and I can barely watch. The pain and trauma you endured goes beyond my realm of comprehension, especially since You did nothing wrong ~ You chose to willingly lay Your life down so I would have victory in this life. Forgive me if at times it seems as though I am almost calloused … [Read more...]

The Lenten Season, pt. 4

The stores have their Easter goodies displayed front and center, shopping carts are stocked with sunscreen and travel-size toiletries in preparation for Spring Break getaways, and the air is electric with excitement for the first day of Spring and its potential for warmer temperatures. I, too, have caught Spring Fever, yet in all of the holiday hubbub, I want to be cautious not to overlook the … [Read more...]

The Lenten Season, pt. 3

Eleven years ago when I first started studying the passage in Deuteronomy 28, I was struck by the detailed accounts of the sicknesses listed among the curses. I had no idea the quagmire I'd be stepping into as I studied the depths of the meaning, referencing and cross-referencing, when I naively shared my new-found understanding with a Bible Study group I was leading. I excitedly shared that … [Read more...]

The Lenten Season, pt. 2

In the next few weeks leading up to Easter, I'd like to give greater insight into the Crucifixion, in the hope that the magnitude of Christ's sacrifice becomes more real to you. Here is Part 2: I'm hoping that you took time to read and re-read Deuteronomy 28, covering the curse of the Law. And if you happened to have read the chapters preceeding it, you'd have found that there were several … [Read more...]

The Lenten Season

Less than a week ago, we celebrated Ash Wednesday, signifying the beginning of the Lenten season, or Lent. My family and I are not Catholic, and growing up as Baptists we never really acknowledged Lent. My memories of the Easter season began with a holy reverence for Good Friday and ended with the celebration of Easter Sunday, but we didn't do anything for Lent. The church we went to in … [Read more...]

Of Faith and Trust

I heard the most clarifying discussion on faith and trust the other day. It would seem like they should be interchangeable words, almost as if they're both generic terms for believing in something. But there is incredible depth to their true meanings: Faith is something to stand on, a basis for a belief. In most cases, faith requires scripture or a specific Word to hold onto. Almost always, … [Read more...]

A Heart Like Hers

Luke 1:38 "Then Mary said to the angel, 'I am the Lord's maidservant. May it be according to your word.' And the angel departed from her" It's Christmas time. The best time of year for so many reasons, not the least of which is the opportunity to discuss my favorite Biblical character, Mary. Every Christmas pageant and every nativity scene portrays the young mother as a voiceless, ethereal … [Read more...]