What I did for summer vacation (part 1)

We're on vacation!  Sort of.  I wanted to show you the current state of our house, which makes us want to scurry out of town.  Fortunately, we have brave souls that will stay here while we're gone. The front entrance: The back of the house ~ our family room and guest room: But they knew better than to unhook my washer!  It was moved from the family room (it's home for the … [Read more...]


Remember a few years back when people wore the rubber bracelets bearing the letters WWJD?  For a little while they were effective in reminding people to react to situations in a way that Jesus would have.  I recently had a WWJD? moment like I haven’t had in a very long time. I was enjoying a light-hearted conversation that quickly turned heavy and disturbing and accusatory.  The person I … [Read more...]

Come and sit a spell

I live in snippets ~ I catch snippets of the news, snippets of the paper, snippets of the kids’ activities in between real responsibilities and some occasional relaxation. But the God of the universe doesn’t really do snippets.  He longs for us to have an uninterrupted, heart-felt conversation with Him through prayer.  He really cares, and He cares so much that He insists that we shut off … [Read more...]