Reflections from a Quiet Home

It has been a little over a week since Matt left, and it's quiet. I was trying to remember the last time I was in an eerily quiet home, and I don't think I ever was. Our home in California was under construction for a couple years, and I don't need to tell you that is very NOT QUIET. Before that, I had momentary silent days, but never for long stretches. So....this is what an empty nest feels … [Read more...]


There was one lonely set of tracks up and down the hill this morning. As I did my running early, my 'trainer' was home throwing the last few essentials in the suitcase for his big doings up north. He headed up to Saskatchewan today, a little nervous and  alot excited ~ all at the same time ~ ready for the challenge of the Canadian Football League. I made mention in the last post that I've … [Read more...]

Where’s Matt, eh?

In my mind, many people read my blog. And maybe only in my mind, lots of folks are left hanging when I make random comments several months back about an update on Matt and his goings-on. Believe it or not, I don't forget those things; instead, I'm rather haunted by the fact that for so long there was nothing to report. UNTIL NOW!!! This Tuesday, he'll head even further north than here in … [Read more...]

Final Decision

As promised, I have Becky's final decision regarding volleyball.... But first, Mike and I went digging to find out some of the deep-seeded reasons she wanted to give up her knee pads for good. Sure, she was tired and looked forward to some time off; and of course, her back injury was pesky and annoying; but we had our suspicions about her reasons for wanting to give up the sport forever. … [Read more...]

Not Ready

Football fans on Facebook have been posting status updates about the upcoming football season, delightfully ticking the days until the start of training camp and the first regular-season game. I'm also friends with several NFL coaches and players' wives, and they're singing a different tune ~ trying to salvage the last few days with husband and father home. I'm in that last camp...not quite ready … [Read more...]

Season of Celebrations

The KimPossible site was under construction for a bit, which accounts for only about 48 hours of the delay since the last post. The other 670 hours involved alot of celebration preparations. This was Brooke's senior year of high school, so we felt the need to be a little more intentional about every 'last' this and that the kids participated in. I've made mention in previous posts and on … [Read more...]

Rite of Passage

For the first 20+ years of our marriage, the size of our vehicle grew in direct proportion with the number and the size of the children the cars were transporting. We began with a mini van, waaaaay back in the day, and while I can appreciate their effectiveness, I could never appreciate their aesthetics. Which is a nice way of saying I never liked their looks. The fact that I grew up in the … [Read more...]

Happy Sadness

We've been experiencing emotional schizophrenia for the last week here, and it has to do with this sweet family: Kristen and Cooper have been in Minnesota for the past 11 months; Kristen was 'great with child' and getting dangerously close to being unable to fly when we moved from California last year, so they set up shop in time for Brooklynne to make her late-June debut. It has been pure … [Read more...]

Dig Deep

Last week I had the very rare privilege of spending time away and alone with only one of my kids. That hardly ever happens, but I relished every minute with Brooke. She's a senior in high school, and while the rest of the school participated in a service week, the seniors were able to sneak in an extra week of Spring Break. So we set our sights on a warm, sunny location, and thought we'd … [Read more...]

Bookend Boys

With the closing of February, we put birthday celebrations on hold for a few months. Kristen, our first, was born in June which seemed a lovely time of year to have a baby. I am a June baby myself, so I'm a little partial to the month. It was perfect until, a few short weeks after her birth, Mike left for training camp (back in the days of 6-week long, out-of-town camps). It took me exactly zero … [Read more...]