Spiritual Muscles

This handsome senior has just been accepted into his first choice for college: BAYLOR! (And yes, it was his very own first choice.) As fabulous as that is, and as proud as we are, that isn't the reason for this blog. Two years ago, we were awaiting Baylor's response to Becky's  application and I was in knots. We were living in Minnesota, without a job, trying to move out of Minnesota, … [Read more...]

I Won’t Back Down

My small kitchen television held my attention while mindlessly making dinner last night, once again struck by the magnitude of evil it requires to massacre human beings for any reason. I felt compassion for the people whose lives were forever altered as they began their Wednesday morning like any other before it, not knowing how horrifyingly the day would end. I felt such hurt for the … [Read more...]

We’re Doing It Wrong

Another senseless shooting. More lives lost. Lives that matter, because all lives matter. I may be hasty in my post, because we don't know the real motive of the shooter. We don't know his religious or political bent, or his mental state, aside from the very obvious sickness it requires to massacre fellow human beings. All we do know is that he targeted Christians. And several unassuming, … [Read more...]

My Own War Room

Mike and I recently went to see the movie 'War Room.' We always want to support a movie with a positive, Faith-based message, but this one is special because our friend, Dr. Tony Evans' daughter Priscilla Shirer (a gifted speaker and teacher in her own right) plays the lead. When choosing blog subjects, I generally have to feel led before I compose one, which accounts for there being no … [Read more...]

I’m a Working Girl!

Well, sort of. I haven't worked outside the home since 1984, for about 20 minutes after I got married. At that time, Mike was playing for the Chicago Bears and had every Tuesday off during the season, along with most of January, February and March. We had our first child in 1986 and my life's work began, and hasn't stopped, by navigating the parental seas for seven children. Our youngest is a … [Read more...]

Pulling Weeds

Here we are in America facing another senseless tragedy at the hands of a deranged killer. I've spent the last day pondering, listening and observing. I've pondered how I should 'weigh in;' I've listened to news reports, people in the grocery store and Starbucks, and even my kids; and I've observed the social media reports and retorts. It's a beautiful Friday afternoon at summer's onset. For … [Read more...]

Get Jesus Wet

Summer is here! And for me, summer means swimming. As a child, my siblings and I had the privilege of having our grandparents live right next door to us, and if that weren't fabulous enough, they built a swimming pool in their backyard for their grandkids to enjoy. My Nana taught all of us to swim, and we spent the better part of every day of summer in that pool. We currently have a … [Read more...]

On Mothering

It has been said that we learn more from what is caught than what is taught; our actions speak so much louder than our words. This weekend, when we pause to reflect on our mothers, or ourselves as mothers, or all manner of mothering, there's a whirlwind of emotion for so many. It can be a frustrating holiday, a heart-wrenching day, or a joy-filled, exciting celebration of a fabulous … [Read more...]

What Was He Thinking? (Part 4)

"...Just as He said." I've been meditating on those words the angel spoke to Mary and Mary Magdalene when they went to the tomb on Sunday morning. If I were to put myself in the shoes of anyone in the Resurrection story, it would be these two women. They walked with Him, they believed in Him, and I could feel the progression of their trust in Him grow in the three years of His public ministry. And … [Read more...]

What Was He Thinking? (Part 3)

Dread. I learned not too long ago that dread is actually fear. I never really looked at it that way, but was made aware of the fact we dread something because we fear the anticipated negative outcome we'll undoubtedly have to face. Jesus knew exactly what He was facing as the hours before His betrayal and crucifixion ticked into minutes, yet He did not dread. He didn't fear them at all; He stayed … [Read more...]