If you’ve conjured up images of the KimPossible cartoon, where Kim could do everything once her super-human powers came over her, that’s perfect!  Because it’s exactly the opposite of why I chose the KimPossible theme for my blog.

As do most of you, I wear many hats. I am married to Mike Singletary, the Hall of Fame former Chicago Bears linebacker and NFL coach. At times our life is very public, but most days it’s just like yours, only with a few more kids and a LOT more laundry in the mix.  We have seven kids, two son-in-laws, and a sweet granddaughter, which invites ‘how do you do it?’ queries almost everywhere I go.  My consistent response is that I couldn’t do it without God, and that isn’t aw-shucks false humility speaking, either.  I am very aware of my shortcomings and limitations, and wake up every morning knowing that I need God’s wisdom to make it through the day.  I also learned very early in our child-rearing years that I can only be in one place at a time and I need every angel in heaven to help provide protection for my family. I rely quite heavily on God and His Word, where He promises that all things are possible through Him.

The other reason I like KimPossible, is because of the ‘possible’ part.  As human beings, we’re bombarded with the negative every day.  If you train yourself to listen to conversations going on around you, and pay attention to the written and spoken news reports, it takes no time at all to get discouraged and fearful and acutely aware of the seemingly impossible.  Over the years, though, I have learned how to turn the negative-speak off and turn on the trust. In God.  It’s the only way I can counter the pessimism around me, and allow me a front-row seat to watch God do the impossible.

Ultimately, through KimPossible, I invite you to see how a very normal, real, wife and mother has a very exciting relationship with God and an intense dependence on Him, with the hope that you might find Him a little more approachable and available for yourself.