Reality Check


I work really hard not to fear. My friends and family will tell you I remind them often about the crippling power that fear has, and how to overcome fear with faith.

But here’s my concern: these attacks are coming more often, touching everyday humans living their everyday life. It’s no longer a war being waged ‘somewhere over there’ with ‘those kinds of people’. It’s cowardly acts of violence fueled by the depths of evil infiltrating my life and yours. We have been blessed to have been in Nice, France on several occasions ~ all such beautiful memories of sunshine, water, and the best espresso and croissants. But now, Nice will forever be remembered for violence.

This post will be like none other. Because I’m asking you to check your heart. Deep down, pretend-you-only-have-a-day-to-live, check your heart…

The reason I do not fear, the reason I refuse to bow to evil is that I know that Jesus is Lord of my life, and because He died on the cross, and (the most important part) ROSE AGAIN ON THE THIRD DAY, He forever defeated the evil forces that tried to keep Him down. Forever. Just as God hung the moon and the sun and the stars and they’re still in place today, forever. I recognize that every evil force must bow to God Almighty.

So I’m asking you, have you made Jesus Lord of your life? Yes, bad things happen in this world. But I can honestly say that as I navigate through the difficulties and struggles of life, I know that I’m on God’s side — and He is ALWAYS victorious. Can you say the same thing?

I admit this can be construed as ‘why is she all up in my business?’ That certainly isn’t my heart at all. I will pray for those lives and families in Nice, France. And Paris. And Orlando. And everywhere else the reign of terror has affected. But I can’t in good faith simply pray for ‘them’, when I have friends and family who may not have a relationship with Jesus.

The evil force behind these atrocities leads people to hate. To kill. To destroy; even to the destruction of one’s own life. Here’s the difference in what Jesus did: He saw our weaknesses and lack as human beings, and out of pure love for us made a personal sacrifice to bear the burden of death on our behalf. The more I get to know Him, the more I become like Him, the more I love.

I’ve said it before: LOVE is the most powerful force on earth. It’s what drove Him to the cross and it’s what resurrected Him. Love isn’t namby-pamby, wimpy, weeny weakness. It is a force to be reckoned with. It is a force that is always victorious.

Here’s my heart: If more of us were actually living life like Jesus did, the powerful force of love would absolutely overcome evil. So all I can do is start with me…and answer His prompting to write this blog post and ask you to check your heart. We absolutely can take this world back and set it on a course for good.




  1. Patti Carollo says:

    YES & AMEN!

  2. Karen Forsythe says:

    Exactly! Thank you for being obedient to the prompting. I am all in! His perfect LOVE overcomes ALL and it is in us who call Him “Lord!”

  3. Kelly Rodriguez says:

    Thank you, Kim! I NEEDED to read this today! I love your heart and I love the Lord. I know He has His mighty arms around us as we grieve for our neighbors around the world. He has us, He will comfort us, and I pray that through His perfect love, that we will ALL find our way again. ❤️

  4. Susie says:

    Thank you for this beautiful post! What a great reminder for all of us to check our hearts, To help others become Christians or to deepen our own faith. To love like God and have faith and help others through these dark days. We didn’t know each other at Baylor, but my roommate Wendi Green knew you & shared your post today. Thank you again! You’ve inspired me! ❤️????????

  5. Donna Avant says:

    Great blog, Kim!!! Thanks for sharing!

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