I Won’t Back Down

pray for america

My small kitchen television held my attention while mindlessly making dinner last night, once again struck by the magnitude of evil it requires to massacre human beings for any reason. I felt compassion for the people whose lives were forever altered as they began their Wednesday morning like any other before it, not knowing how horrifyingly the day would end. I felt such hurt for the developmentally disabled people who may not have a way to express the fear that would grip them; those who might not even understand the basics of how to take cover. I felt pride for law enforcement on duty that day, and for how swiftly they found the suspects. And of course I felt sad. So sad that this is happening again. So sad for the political arguments that ensue. So sad for the presence of unadulterated evil that is seemingly creeping further and further into society.

But one thing I won’t allow myself to feel is fear. For fear is the breeding ground of evil. Evil invigorates and regenerates itself in fear. And I won’t give in to fear.

I’ll tell you what I did feel while watching hours of news coverage of the San Bernardino massacre, is anger. I’m fed up with being politically correct where it comes to God and talk of God, and praying. I’m fed up with a country that has worked tirelessly for the last few decades to remove every aspect of God, Jesus, Christ, and prayer out of every public building, institution, company and legislation, only to turn around and BLAME Him for the ensuing chaos. I’m fed up that my sister, who spent decades climbing the ladder of a major US Corporation in her field of Human Resources, was required by law to provide compensatory time for employees to practice the prayer rituals that their faith required, along with appropriate rooms within the building facing certain directions for said prayers ~ all at company expense. Proper protocol was set in place to honor those requests, abide by their wishes, while said company mandates the manger scene, which epitomizes Christmas, the word CHRIST in Christmas, saying ‘Merry Christmas’ are all offensive and hate-filled and must be stopped. Schools and public institutions have followed suit, and somehow if I believe that Jesus is my Savior, if I believe pure love brought Him to this earth solely to die for me and even for the very evil people who commit such atrocities and work so hard to denounce His existence, that I’M the one full of hate?

No. I’ve had it and I won’t back down. I will not say Happy Holidays, I’ll say Merry Christmas. I will not pay homage to your god, I’ll only honor the one true God and Savior. We are in a critical time. It’s time for us to stand up! How do we stand by while more and more of the Truth gets twisted and soon denounced altogether? We can’t shrink back. It’s a time to stand.

When we lived in Chicago, we moved to an area where the schools were some of the best in the state. We chose to put our kids in public school, and were pleased with their education, until our oldest was in 4th grade. The announcement was made that ‘this year please refrain from calling it a Christmas program; instead it’s a Holiday Program.’ The (primarily white, non Jewish) children sang songs of Kwanzaa, several Hannukah numbers, which I wholeheartedly supported. And then…that was it. One last ‘O Christmas Tree’ to represent the Christians, and the Holiday Program was over. That day, we made a very difficult, costly decision to stand with our beliefs and transferred our kids to Christian schools. They still learned about Kwanzaa, knew all about Hannukah, but Jesus was welcomed to the party. 7 kids x private tuition for 20+ years = lots of money. But that’s why we did it. And won’t for a minute regret a penny that was spent to allow God in their academic curriculum.

We’re at a critical time in our cultural history. Diversity is wonderful; our kids have grown up with friends of many colors, backgrounds and even religions. But where is the diversity when Christians and Christianity are disallowed from the expression of beliefs? We must put a stop to this and it will no doubt come at a cost. Am I willing to stop shopping at stores that won’t acknowledge Christmas but will celebrate every other religion? Am I willing to take a stand and spend my money elsewhere? What am I willing to stand for? Because as the saying goes, ‘if you’re not willing to stand for something, you’ll fall for anything.’

The Daily News’ cover page quoting ‘GOD ISN’T FIXING THIS’ is absolutely true, with one caveat: UNLESS WE LET HIM. Unless we allow Him back into our holidays, businesses, schools and homes, He CAN’T fix this.

THEY are too late in trying to convince me that God doesn’t care. Because I’ve experienced way too much of His goodness, His grace and His pure love to turn on Him. What the heck do we have to lose by allowing Him back into the position He rightfully deserves as Lord? Keeping Him out sure isn’t working.



  1. Linda Kay Cox says:

    Thank you, Kim. I shared your link.

  2. Rosemary Johnston says:

    Amen Kim! This is the absolute truth and I couldn’t agree more. I too have been Blessed and have witnessed our Lord’s goodness over and over. It is heartbreaking that our society is so quick to dismiss Christ who has given ALL for us!

  3. Kim says:

    Thank you!!

  4. Grace Montenegro says:

    Thank you for speaking courageously.

  5. Anna Cobbs says:

    This was such a wonderful piece to read. Very well articulated and I couldn’t agree more! Thank you!

  6. Judy McNamara says:

    Thank you for the wonderful reading. I will share with others.

  7. Chris Alexander says:

    Could relate with most everything your saying. Thanks for sharing as we will be praying with faith and casting out the fear with thanks to Jesus Christ and a God who loves us ~ Amen

  8. The Courtleys says:

    Thanks you for saying what clearly needs to be said!!!

    Dad & Mom

  9. Kelli Moscara says:

    Kim this is all true! This is how I feel and thank you for putting into words so perfectly
    Can’t people see when you take God out nothing goes right. The world is falling apart
    And I am so saddened by it but I put my focus on God and he is the only one that gets me through
    The day. One day at a time. Thank you Jesus for the peace only you can give me!

  10. Terry Williams says:

    Beautifully written! A huge AMEN from me! Thanks, Kim!

  11. Kathleen Bieritz says:

    Well said Kim! While I personally disagree with moving kids to a private school (I believe we are called to be salt and light and that is only possible in the dark), I understand your reason for doing it. I fear that our culture will only change if businesses feel our position in their bank account. Our country is in desperate need of God – the One and Only Creator of the universe. Let us pray without ceasing.

  12. Beverly Tucker says:

    Thank you Kim! I have always been taught or country was based on religious freedom. As a christian I should be able to celebrate God! When I was a child we said the pledge of allegiance daily “One nation under GOD”. God has been wonderful to me, in good and bad times. He just took my mom to live with Him, we prayed for this and He answered. I truly believe if our country would return to more prayer we would have less violence.

  13. Rachel says:

    Yes, yes, yes and amen! The hymn “In Christ Alone” came to mind after reading this. Maybe because it expresses not only God’s true love and grace and character but it inspires such overwhelming gratitude to Him…truths and appropriate response that are left out of the conversation! Our world is ignoring a God they don’t know because they’re either not giving Him a chance or they’re not being given the opportunity to hear about Him! If they knew Him, they wouldn’t be able to resist Him! If we who know Him and claim to love Him remain complacent and/or silent, I wonder if we ever really knew Him at all? How can we stay silent about such generous grace, unconditional love, incredible mercy and unfailing faithfulness??
    Thanks for this, Kim. Keep it up!!

  14. Jo Lydia-Singletary says:

    Kim…………you are ABSOLUTELY RIGHT!!!!!!!!!! It is way past time to STAND for OUR rights as American citizens and Christians……….funny, but not, we have ALLOWED the foundation this country was built on to be stripped away through the years for………..political correctness??? WE are a lost people in our own country.

  15. Carol ivkov says:

    Amen,,,, We need more people to speak up for Jesus

  16. Jackie Kendall says:

    Loved this…and I am so grateful to God for your passion for truth that has never allowed you to contain yourself and become so PC that you do not state the truth. I am finishing Ben Carson’s book titled One Nation and he would so AMEN your blog…I am honored to be related to you by the blood of Jesus…your forever fan–fanning the flame for Jesus!!!

  17. Beautiful….well said…many of us agree with you….Merry Christmas to you and yours…

  18. Jay & Kelly Miron says:

    Amen!! Well said Kim! God Bless you and your family.

  19. Dana Nystrom says:

    Thank you for that gentle reminder of our wonderful gift of a Savior that is here large and I charge of everything. That we must not break to fear and discouragement because He knows exactly what we need and we must allow Him to reign and lead us in the right direction….which means one step at a time to His path of which He is directing us!!!!!!!

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