My Own War Room

Mike and I recently went to see the movie ‘War Room.’ We always want to support a movie with a positive, Faith-based message, but this one is special because our friend, Dr. Tony Evans’ daughter Priscilla Shirer (a gifted speaker and teacher in her own right) plays the lead. When choosing blog subjects, I generally have to feel led before I compose one, which accounts for there being no regularity to the timing. And for the last week or so I felt I should write one about prayer ~ how to pray, how not to pray, ineffective prayers, etc. And then we saw ‘War Room’. I can honestly say I couldn’t add another word. The movie completely captures the power and purpose of effective prayers. I highly recommend it!

While watching the movie, I was moved to create a War Room of my own. For those that haven’t seen the movie, there’s a dynamic older woman who mentors a younger woman in the art of effective praying for her crumbling marriage and family. To do that, she converted a closet to her private sanctuary of prayer, stocking it with all she would need to cover her petitions of God. I was reminded of the years I spent doing exactly that when our kids were young. We had a walk-in closet and I would frequently head straight there after putting the kids to bed, or wake up a little early to try and get my mind right for the day to come. In fact, in many of the team Bible studies I was a part of, I taught the ladies that this was a very effective tool for the early years of marriage and football. I’m not sure why I ever got away from my doing that, so first thing Monday morning I headed to Target to get my supplies to create one. Here’s what I came up with:


I found some cute paper, colorful pens and Washi Tape (the kind that doesn’t remove paint from walls or leave adhesive behind). I wrote a page out for each member of my family and other pages by subject matter. Just so happens there are many people in my family, but you can do whatever works best for you. If you’ve got an empty room or special place to leave the papers up, it’s a perfect way to hang them. Or, if you’re like me and you’re not comfortable leaving your prayers for your kids and husband hanging up for all to see, the tape is easily removable and works when you want to hang it for the next time. Just do what works for you!

There are really no rules, but I have a few suggestions:

First, and I might even make this a rule, leave your phone elsewhere. It is the single-most challenging aspect of developing the discipline to do it, but the distraction robs you of the richness of the experience.

Second, don’t worry about longevity. Especially when beginning, there’s a tendency to think that ‘longer is better.’ I would counter, sincerity is better.

Third, just talk to God like you’re talking to a friend. No fancy early century oracles in Old English dialogue necessary for God to hear you.

Fourth, over time develop your faith. Worried thoughts and prayers are really not effective; the movie did a great job of portraying the evolution of her boldness, and that came by incorporating more scripture that addressed each of her needs.

Last, spend a few moments in the peace and quiet to listen for God’s voice. I hear all the time, ‘God doesn’t talk to me.’ He actually does! You just need to develop your listening ears.

I can’t tell you exactly how your world will change, only that it will!




  1. Pam Goode says:

    Kim- This blog came at the perfect time for me. You see my ex-husband was recently diagnosed with ALS. After hearing the sad news, I had a very hard time knowing what to pray and how to pray for my boys that are going through the grieving process. After reading your blog, I know now that God sees my heart and hears my prayers and I don’t have to word everything I say to God perfectly. Thank you so much for sharing this blog about praying.

  2. Kim says:

    Oh I’m sorry Pam! I would find every verse about healing I could find and bring them back to Jesus!! Keep me posted.

  3. David Lill says:

    Hello Kim,

    Trying to contact you and Mike. Just watched Mike’s documentary on the NFL football channel. It brought back so many wonderful memories. Congratuations to you and Mike. You both look great.

    Call or write if you get this.

    Thank you,


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