I’m a Working Girl!

Well, sort of.

I haven’t worked outside the home since 1984, for about 20 minutes after I got married. At that time, Mike was playing for the Chicago Bears and had every Tuesday off during the season, along with most of January, February and March. We had our first child in 1986 and my life’s work began, and hasn’t stopped, by navigating the parental seas for seven children. Our youngest is a senior in high school this year, a year which I know from experience flies by. We’ve also got two grandchildren, with countless more to come in the next decade I’m sure. I take nothing away from my years as a homemaker, and would never minimize the importance and value of my time at home. But now, in my mid-50’s, I’ve wondered what I might do when I ‘grow up’. There certainly isn’t an urgency driving those thoughts, but I think it’s common for middle-aged women who have stayed at home for the majority of their adult lives to think about ways to make a creative contribution to the family and possibly to society.

However, I put those thoughts aside whenever I thought about discussing the subject with my husband. You see, at 12 years old his world was upended when his father left the home, leaving he and his mom and sister to fend for themselves. Mike’s mom asked him to be the man of the house while she set out to seek employment for the first time in her adult life, when she was just a couple years younger than the age I am today. Obviously, the circumstances surrounding her sudden need for employment were far different from mine, but nevertheless Mike’s life was marked. Watching his mom work literally 23 hours a day, he swore that his future wife would NEVER work outside the home. He certainly didn’t consider at the time he made that inner vow that his wife may desire to work, he just knew he wanted her to be available to stay home with the kids as long as there were kids in the home. The trajectory of our early parenting years was such that his income was enough to sustain a household, along with the fact that there were many…..many…..kids in a few short years. Thus, I was never employed outside of our family.

I’ve made no secret of the fact that the financial landscape these last couple years has differed greatly from our early years. At one point, I asked Mike if he thought it was time for me to help contribute. He was genuinely hurt and offended at the thought, assuring me he’d work 4 jobs, 24/7 before he would ever want his wife to have to contribute financially. I know that sounds sexist, but he was speaking from a place of what he considered protection for his family.

Late last year our son, Matt, moved to Los Angeles to begin a career in the film industry. We did all of our best encouraging and pleading for him to line up a ‘real job’ when he went out there, because rent isn’t cheap and he just may have chosen one of the most difficult career paths for himself. Within a couple months he started using and selling, and ultimately encouraging me to use and sell, Rodan and Fields. I told him I’d use it, but not sell it. I had him sign me up for the level that benefitted him the most, but I would not sell.

I do not sell stuff.

I don’t like to be sold; I like to choose to buy. There’s a difference.

And then I used the product; I found out my own mother was using the product!! A couple of my kids used the treatment system for acne and had incredibly dramatic results.

So I began to pray about whether this was something I would do. I discussed it with Mike, and shockingly (I was completely blown away!) he replied without hesitation, “Absolutely. This is right up your alley!” He must not have known my I Do Not Sell rule, I suggested. And he went on to say, ‘This is exactly the kind of thing you’d like to do because you love to help people. I don’t care how much money you make; it’s all about helping people.”

He’s exactly right. I’m a sharer. If you asked me for a recipe, I’d give it to you and tell you every single adjustment I made to it. If I’ve found a shortcut to a destination, I’ll share it with anyone I know. If I found an awesome pair of shoes on sale that you loved, I’d send you to the place I bought them. And if I receive compliments on my skin, if folks who don’t know me are regularly surprised when they find out I’m 55, I’ll share all of my skincare regimen. But probably the most dramatic results I’d share with you are of my daughter, Jackie’s. A few of our kids were blessed with annoyingly clear, smooth skin, but a couple struggled with acne, as I did growing up. Jackie was one of those who struggled and after countless attempts at changes in skin care and even diet, the Rodan and Fields system cleared her right up within a month:



I know so many young people who struggle with getting their skin clear, and this system has helped them. I would love to share it with anyone who needs it.

And Mike and I are using a different system, the one that reverses aging by ridding the skin of dark spots. He’s got a couple on his face and I’ve got some on my arms. I’ll post the before pictures here, and will share progress pics in about a month:


(the dark spots are at the base of his eyebrow and in the middle of his cheek)


For some reason, as a child, I loved the spots on my grandmother’s hands and arms, notsomuch on mine!!

If you’re at all interested in the skincare system or the business model, I’m available to discuss. If not, I’ll still share recipes, shortcuts and great shoe sales with you!




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