Get Jesus Wet

Summer is here! And for me, summer means swimming. As a child, my siblings and I had the privilege of having our grandparents live right next door to us, and if that weren’t fabulous enough, they built a swimming pool in their backyard for their grandkids to enjoy. My Nana taught all of us to swim, and we spent the better part of every day of summer in that pool.


We currently have a swimming pool, too, {this is not a photo of our pool ~ it’s my dream pool!} and it’s my plan to help teach all of our grandkids how to swim, recalling the preciousness of spending that time with my grandmother. Once the training is underway, there is nothing quite like the scary, anxious, day when it’s time to jump off the side of the pool into the waiting arms of your instructor/parent/grandparent. You can almost picture the dripping bathing suit, the tightly clenched little bottom cheeks, wiggling and squirming with lips turning blue while the inner battle rages. To jump or not to jump. At that moment, it’s all about trust. Will they catch me? Can I make it that far? How wet will I get? Will my face go under the water? Does it hurt when I jump in? Will the water go in my nose? Will they trick me and challenge me to swim more than I’m comfortable with? There’s so much angst in the moments before the jump.

I realize I’ve been on both sides of that jump. As a young child, I can recall first learning how to swim and the reluctance to jump. My first attempts looked like more of a s l i t h e r off the side of the pool; a sort of sitting-then foot in-then scoot-then fall in my grandmother’s arms. Not really a jump at all.


While that process helped build up my nerves a little, there really wasn’t much satisfaction in it. It wasn’t very fun at all, not loose and big-splash like, in fact all it really did was snag the bottom of my bathing suit. No, not until I decided to ask Nana to step back a bit and really took flight, making a big, huge splash which completely engulfed my grandmother, did I have fun. I let go of my fears and inhibitions, and it was a blast! I couldn’t swim to the steps and run back around again fast enough.

I’ve also been in my grandmother’s place as the ‘catcher,’ witnessing my granddaughter’s anxious inner battle. As the one whose arms are extended, waiting for her to jump in, I’m saying, “JUMP! It’ll be so fun! I’ll catch you; I’ll always catch you.” I would never hurt her, and only want her to gain the confidence of being fully immersed in the pool, experiencing the joy of splashing around freely. But that requires her total trust. Total surrender. A complete letting go of all fear and inhibition.


And I was struck that this is what I do with Jesus when I don’t trust Him. We’ve had quite a few trust tests these last few years, and I’m a little ashamed of how many times I figuratively sat on the side of the pool and barely tipped my toe in, a teeny bit at a time. Or worse, how many times I pulled back altogether.

But Not Anymore. I’ve learned to jump in!


I’ve learned I mature and grow the most when I freely fling myself into His arms, leaving Him soaked by the wave. And He couldn’t be more delighted.

May I challenge you to let go of whatever is keeping you on the side of the trust pool. Get Jesus soaked by your willingness to trust!!



  1. Patti Carollo says:

    AS ALWAYS such an AMAZING post…Thank you for this analogy! I’m thinking it’s time for YOU to write a book!!

    Have a wonderful SUMMER with your BEAUTIFUL family!


  2. Wendy Doran says:

    I like the thought of delighting Jesus as I plunge fully into His waiting arms!!
    Thanks, KIM!!!
    I think I’ll Get Jesus Wet a little more this summer and HAPPY BIRTHDAY TOMORROW!!!

  3. Thank you for this. <3

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