What Was He Thinking? (Part 4)


“…Just as He said.” I’ve been meditating on those words the angel spoke to Mary and Mary Magdalene when they went to the tomb on Sunday morning. If I were to put myself in the shoes of anyone in the Resurrection story, it would be these two women. They walked with Him, they believed in Him, and I could feel the progression of their trust in Him grow in the three years of His public ministry. And during that time He certainly spoke of a resurrection, He was always honest about it. I just don’t know that they really understood what He was saying. Of course we, in modern days, have the benefit of the written Word passed down from generations so we know what He meant when He said it. But I get the sense they really didn’t know how Jesus could come back after three days. How could they?

It’s easy for me to imagine their confusion and loss of hope; their utter devastation and despondency when they witnessed the entire crucifixion and watched death overcome Him. After all, they had seen countless miracles over the past three years of His life, and they even witnessed Mary’s brother Lazarus brought back to life. Jesus was careful to say about Lazarus, “he is not dead; he is only asleep.” But after the horrific abuse they witnessed, and Jesus’ final words ‘It Is Finished’ were uttered, He was dead. No miracle, no astonishing healing took place before their very eyes. He was dead.

As they ministered to his body, as they cleaned Him and wiped Him and prepared His body for embalming, I imagine the utter confusion they felt. How could this be the end? This isn’t at all what I thought would happen. What do we do now? Was everything I witnessed these past three years a lie? Did I just make all that up in my mind? Am I a complete idiot? Were we duped? Surely not, but I don’t understand this at all.

And then Saturday happened. Any glimmer of hope they had for a miracle on Friday was shattered by Saturday. The crowds dispersed, the sun came up in the morning, and life went on as normal. Those responsible for Jesus’ death basked in the glow of apparent victory. There was a swagger to their step, while Jesus’ disciples and beloved followers were slumped in defeat.

In my opinion, Saturday was even darker than Friday. The crucifixion was brutal to watch, devastating to witness and beyond comprehension to experience. But deep down, I believe His faithful were anticipating something wonderful would take place. Then…nothing.

We will spend the majority of our lives in the Saturday experience. Most of our walk with God is lived somewhere between a promise He has made, tiiiiiime (Saturday, if you will), and the promise fulfilled (resurrection Sunday). But the problem is, what do we do with Saturday?

I’ll tell you what we do. We believe what He said. We don’t even have to understand it. We might not be able to explain it. But we hold on with all we have and don’t let go! The devil will do everything to crucify your beliefs, he’ll orchestrate circumstances that make you think it’s over. That God is a liar. That you must be crazy and that He isn’t faithful.

And then, Sunday happens!!! He IS faithful! He WILL do just as He said! You’re NOT crazy! You just proved to Him that you’re faithful and you just grew a little bit!! Never give up on His promises. He will ABSOLUTELY keep His word. Just be sure that on the Saturdays of your life you remain full of faith and hope.

HAPPY EASTER!! He is Alive!!! Just as He said. This is exactly what He was thinking ~ “I love you and I am faithful to My Word. Just trust Me.”



  1. Lynn Siewert says:

    Kim, this is simply beautiful. Your words of reflection and encouragement are – as God would have it – so perfectly timed. Such a beautiful finish to our Eastr celebration together. From my heart to yours, thank you.

  2. Kim, thank you for this! I just read all four parts and they’re all so good, but this one really hit home. I feel like it’s been “Saturday” for a looong time. This is such an encouraging post and such a blessing. God’s given me pieces of a puzzle unfinished and only a few words “wait” and “trust me” for years now. Not much more. But He is faithful. He’s teaching so much, and He becomes more beautiful every day. “Saturday” might last our whole lives (in some ways it will, longing for eternity with Him), but we have His goodness, His faithfulness, His peace and most importantly, His presence, and I’m learning daily that that is more than enough and infinitely more than any of us deserve.

    Thank you, again, for the encouragement. We persevere. Soli Deo Gloria!

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