What Was He Thinking (Part 2)



Last night we had a sweet young engaged couple over for dinner. We’ll be participating in their wedding later this month and we wanted to get to know them on a deeper, more spiritual level. As I’ve done every morning this week I’ve focused on the Cross and have asked God to reveal things to me during my quiet time with God. I asked for new perspectives and personalizations from that momentous time leading up to His death. I reflected for a moment about last night’s dinner and heart conversations and God showed me that I’m so free to share His love for others, and asked me ‘why is it so hard for you to see my love for you in the same way you share of my love for them?’ 

Whoa. Why, indeed.

Any time I’ve taught, any time I’ve counseled or even discussed God’s love for someone, I’m passionate and thoroughly convinced of it. In fact, I usually say, ‘If you only knew how much He loves you,’ and so deeply desire to find a way to appropriately express it. So He turned those words right back on me today.

It isn’t that I don’t think He loves me. I absolutely know He does. But I’ve made a practice of overlooking myself for the great majority of my life; not as a woe-is-me martyr, but my perspective is more that I’m one-of-many. For God so loved the w-o-r-l-d, He gave His only son… I see that He died for everybody, not just me. But today God wanted me to marinate in the fact that if it were only for me, He would have still sent His son. If I were the only one in need of a Savior, He’d have sacrificed for me. I’ve even told people that; I know it to be true. But today God wanted me to get it and understand it and personalize and own it. He. Loves. Me.

The truth is, because God was God before all time, He had me on His mind when He chose to send His son to pay for every sin I’d ever commit in all my life. And He had you on His mind, too. Because He’s wild about us and He wanted to be sure we wouldn’t have to spend one moment apart from Him, let alone an eternity in hell.

So as Jesus proceeded through the events of this week, He did what His Father in heaven asked Him to do. And He did it for me. I challenge you, too, to personalize it. He loves you. He has an answer for everything you’ve ever done wrong and everything you’re yet to do. He is passionately madly in love with us.



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