My Little Porcupine

Do you have a porcupine? We do.

Actually, we’ve got a sweet daughter whose turning 21 today, and she spent the better part of her teenage years as a porcupine. That’s the image God gave me for her as I spent countless hours praying about her behavior.

Porcupines actually have soft hair, but it’s mixed with quills that lie flat until the animal is threatened. When they are preyed upon, the quills don’t actually shoot as cartoons lead us to believe, but the quills are easily dislodged when they come in contact with another animal or human. Each quill has a pointy end that is designed to poke the predator, making removal quite difficult. Each lost quill is quickly replaced with a new one.

Our 21 year old daughter Jackie has an enormous heart. In fact, she’s almost all heart. As a result, she spent years being easily offended and was quick to get her feelings hurt. Her defense mechanism was to rebel against everyone, convinced that she couldn’t trust another human being. Her rebelliousness was displayed through some pretty dramatic behavior, although I’m forever thankful that God spared her from the drug or alcohol addictions that so many kids her age develop. Three of the years we lived in California were consumed with trying to stay one step ahead of her drama, and truthfully two steps ahead of the law!

But ohhhhhh the power of prayer! If you met her today, you’d probably have a hard time believing she were capable of such nonsense. That’s because she’s no longer a porcupine. She no longer feels the need to defend herself, because she’s confident in who she is and in the gifts she has. She’s still all heart, but has learned how to share her heart to bless those she comes in contact with, and move on from those who can’t appreciate it.

If you’ve got a porcupine, hang in there. Believe the best, and do everything in your power to let the best come through. The world needs more of these quill-less porcupines, because of their hearts. Those quills provided protection for a while, but encourage them to ease into trusting, so their loving nature will shine through.

Happy Birthday Jack Attack!! We’re so proud of you ~ and so happy you removed the quills.




  1. Lynn Siewert says:

    Simply and beautifully said, Kim. And yes, we have a sweet, tender-hearted “porcupine” in the Siewert family too – our treasured Brandon – who incidentally turns 23 on Tues, 1/14/14 😉
    How blessed we “m.o.p”s (moms of porcupines) are that God chose to grace us with the precious lives of Jackie & Brandon. Thanks for this 🙂

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