Weeds and the HOA

The home we are are currently renting, I believe I mentioned before, is in a beautiful, gated Jack Nicklaus golf community. The houses are meticulously landscaped, each different in design and style, and the trees are mature and lush. That’s part of the beauty of Minnesota ~ as soon as your bags are packed in late spring, right before the realtor is phoned, and you absolutely canNOT take another slushy, dreary day ~ summer. I’m not sure if it’s factual, but it sure seems like the sky is bluer and the green in greener here than other parts of the Midwest we’ve lived in. Quite possibly our eyes are so color deprived for six months of the year that what we see may be an optical illusion, but it sure is beautiful.

When we have guests, most pull up to our drive oohing and aahhhing about the beauty of the neighborhood as they wound their way to our place. It’s that pretty. And I understand that beauty of this magnitude doesn’t just happen without bylaws and mandates outlining expectations and standards for neighborhood aesthetics. I am, of course, referring to the Homeowner’s Association. But I’ve had a contentious relationship with our HOA, feeling they’re a tad restrictive, shall we say. In our short two and a half years here, we’ve received several letters outlining code violations, time allotted to remedy the violations, and a monetary penalty if said violations are not remedied. For some reason, my feathers get ruffled every time we receive one, and last week was no different. This time it wasn’t a lacrosse net within sight from the golf course, and it didn’t have anything to do with our dogs, but while we were away for several weeks in summer, weeds grew. Upon our arrival back home, they were one of the first things I noticed, so I pulled them. Apparently, the violation paperwork was already in process, because I received the dreaded threatening notice. Even though it was already taken care of, I needed to submit photos of the weeded flower beds.

I photographed the flower beds and decided to take a walk around the yard. We have a walk-out basement, and a two-story deck that serves both the main floor and basement. But I never go down the basement. For some reason, I’ve got a thing. I just don’t do basements. It’s fully furnished, the workout room is down there, but I do not go down there for weeks at a time. Maybe if I weren’t so ridiculous about the basement, I most certainly would have noticed the three-to-four-foot tall weeds that were overtaking the back beds well before they grew to be so tall!


Since I spend time only on the upper part of the deck, I couldn’t see them at all. But the day I decided to walk around the yard, grumbling and mumbling under my breath about the ridiculous HOA…they needed a real problem instead of bugging me…better things to do…I’d never own a home here…and on and on…I bumped into a seriously overgrown mess! My only regret is that I didn’t think to snap a picture of how overgrown and ugly it was ~ so much so, that I was honestly embarrassed that my next door neighbors had to look at that all summer.  I immediately ran and got all of my supplies ~ my gloves, the special bags for yard waste, and went to work. Amazingly, as enormous and intimidating as they looked, they were so easy to pull. The roots came right out and within an hour the beds looked clean and fresh.

And my thoughts were drawn to God, and how He so patiently waits for us to address our own personal ‘weeds.’ I usually work so hard to avoid facing those ‘weed’ places in my soul, yet when He orchestrates the time and the attention to it, He’s already made the way to rid myself of them. Dealing with my internal ugly, weedy beds doesn’t have to be overwhelmingly difficult. In fact, He promises to take us through those weedy beds, and when we’re done we realize it wasn’t so bad at all.  It’s time to take stock of those inner, hidden places. Got weeds??? Let Him help you pull them.



  1. stan says:

    you folks sound like the neighbors from hell, dogs, uhh, most likely they bark quite a bit and crap all over the place, weeds all around your place, and with your holy roller attitude with Jaaaasus you are quite a nightmare for neighbors, what would Jaaaaasus think of your irresponsibility with the dogs, weeds, and respecting other

  2. Kim says:

    Not much I can say to that other than you need Jesus!

  3. Barbara says:

    Oooooo, Stan, sorry you are so bitter and angry. But, you’ve got it all wrong. These people are lovely, hard-working, generous people who, obviously, you do not know at all. I do!

    But, hopefully we will see you in church on Sunday when we worship our Lord and Savior Jesus…..spelled the right way!

    Sometime you just might want to think for a moment and be grateful.

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