Weeds and the HOA

The home we are are currently renting, I believe I mentioned before, is in a beautiful, gated Jack Nicklaus golf community. The houses are meticulously landscaped, each different in design and style, and the trees are mature and lush. That's part of the beauty of Minnesota ~ as soon as your bags are packed in late spring, right before the realtor is phoned, and you absolutely canNOT take another … [Read more...]

Sights and Sounds of Summer, pt. 2 {MILEstones}

I was a card-carrying member of the "I Do Not Run" club. For anything. Several years ago we had a very short layover in Europe, for which we had to all-out sprint in order to make the flight, and I was ready to miss the flight instead of run that far. For as long as I can remember, I used to say that I couldn't run past the mailbox, only being facetious, but it was literally true. There's a lesson … [Read more...]