Rites of Passage

Memorial Weekend, the traditional start-of-summer ~ even if the calendar chooses to hold off for a few more weeks ~ is usually a time for me to segue into the warm months, strolling through the flower markets and designing our flower pots in my mind. It's a time to sleep in, enjoy coffee on the deck and barbecue and putz. Not this year, though. This year, we celebrated! Mike, John, Becky and I … [Read more...]

On Mothers and Mothering

I would imagine I wasn't the only teenage girl whose mother's advice was met with eye rolls and disdain. How I treated my mom during my bratty high school years would be on the short list of 'Things I Would Do Differently If Given The Chance.' I didn't necessarily display rebellious behavior; I wasn't a police blotter type of problem child, but for matters of the heart, I am not proud of my … [Read more...]