We’ve Made It!


This photo is from Spring 2012, as Spring 2013 appears to have hit a snag. Minnesota’s temperatures reached the upper 70’s this past weekend, allowing for the kids’ first un-cancelled track meet of the season. The day was one for the books: picturesque azure skies with brush stroked clouds, musical robins and sparrows ushered in daylight starting in the wee hours; dirty, salty snow piles melted  into a stream of water rushing down the streets, and the spring sun warmed as if the calendar pages skipped to June.

As I headed out of the neighborhood late Saturday morning, the streets were already filled with joggers, walkers and bikers, many pushing strollers or pulling wagons of short-sleeved kids. The flurry of activity caused me to drive a little slower, and an overwhelming sense of accomplishment waved over me. I thought to myself, ‘we made it!’ We’ve all been holed up in these houses since last November, enduring this particularly long, snowy and brutally cold winter. But we made it to spring. Collectively, we did it.

I’m not sure why, but I’ve always felt that if I’m going through a trying time, it’s important for me to know I’m not the only one. Somehow it helps to be able to look out the window, literally or figuratively, and gather a little strength from someone else who may be trudging through difficult circumstances with me. I made mention in a previous post that my complaining about the weather was beginning to take root as a bitter seed in me, and that I needed to stop. While I stopped complaining with my words, my inner being was still really annoyed when the 7-day forecast showed snow flakes well into April.

I may never know why I allowed the weather forecast to bother me so much, which is a challenging truth. I allowed myself to get worked up over it. We all have the option to choose how to respond to unfortunate news. And I chose poorly. For about a month and a half, most of March and all of April, I chose poorly each week when the weather man shared the grim forecast.

Last Saturday when I drove through the neighborhood, there was a tinge of regret over how silly I responded to the weather. In some ways, it took a little away from the beauty of the moment and I was reminded why God doesn’t want us to grumble and complain. We miss soooo much goodness when we do. For there’s always something good that comes out of the ugly times.

I’ll hold last weekend’s 70-degree days as a fond memory, for this weekend’s highs will top out in the 40’s with ~ you guessed it ~ snow in the forecast. But spring will return in earnest. How much sweeter the fragrant lilacs will be this year, how glorious the cherry blossoms. I’ll not take the scent of fresh cut grass for granted, and the first vase of home-grown tulips will be extra appreciated. We worked hard for this season!




  1. Phil Dorr says:

    Very nice as usually is the case Kim.
    The smell of fresh cut grass in the spring time is hard to beat!!!!

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