My Mouth on Mute

The weather. It’s a harmless enough subject; the basis for the majority of checkout register chit chat, right? Except for me. For the immediate future, I’m not to talk about the weather.


This post is really about much more than the weather, but I got myself in a bit of trouble talking about Minnesota’s seemingly endless winter.

Right after that goofy Punxsutawney Phil predicted we’d have an early spring, I started getting excited. I was excited for the cold weather to cease, and more excited for the dirty mounds of snow in my yard to melt. I began to anticipate how beautiful and green the grass would soon be and planted flower pots in my mind. By March, it’s somewhat safe to assume that weather reports would no longer have winter storm watches and warnings, or at least they’d be few and far between. But not this year, and not here in Minnesota. We had below normal temps and above normal amounts of snow during the month of March.

It was fun, at first, to roll my eyes in disbelief at the weather report during the evening news. But as March drew to a close, I began obsessively checking my phone’s weather app, and my insistence on seeing the broadcast every day took an internal ugly turn. Before I knew it, I developed a deep aggravation about the fact that we should be in the mid 50’s by now, but we’re only in the 30’s. And soon I couldn’t say anything nice about the weather…or Minnesota…or being here… Ultimately, a resentment began to grow inside of me, and it sneakily reared it’s ugly head under the guise of the weather.

A few weeks back, every time I casually complained about the temps or falling snow, I felt God’s teeny, gentle voice urging me to stop. Just stop talking negatively about the weather. I didn’t intentionally, blatantly disobey; it was more of a ‘wonder what the deal with THAT is?’ But I still occasionally mentioned my displeasure. Until last night. Here in the Land of 10,000 Lakes, the meteorologists tossed around phrases such as, ‘shovelable accumulations of snow’ and ‘winter storm warnings in April’ and ‘the possibility of 6-12 inches falling in parts of Minnesota’ for later in the week. I wanted to flip out!!! But by now I know I wasn’t supposed to say a word about it.

So I got a little sneaky. I watched the 4 o’clock news while preparing dinner, which went into great detail about the anticipated events of Wednesday and Thursday’s forecast. By the time Mike got home, I made sure that he watched the reports (which he never does), in hopes that he’d have comments about it, and I could casually chime in. I wouldn’t be initiating the complaint, but I could creatively manipulate the conversation accordingly. When the weather man gave his teaser about the week’s upcoming forecast requiring snow shovels, Mike sat and listened. When it was over, he said, ‘wow’, and then proceeded to go about his business.

Nothing for me to creatively manipulate, just ‘wow.’

And with that, I saw the reason I was to be quiet about the weather ~ I was on a ugly trail of complaining, whose twists and turns were headed straight towards ungrateful and miserable. My words were a reflection of a growing attitude problem; it really isn’t the silly weather. It’s resting in the knowledge that we are in Minnesota for a reason, and He’s in complete control of that. I believe God wanted to nip my bad attitude in the bud, in order to prevent a significant negative outlook.

Besides, melted snow and green grass and flower pots will be here soon enough.

I’ll get the shovel.




  1. Jill says:

    “Wow” is so Dad. These men we married don’t give us much to work with in the gossip/complaining department!

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