Thanksgiving Leftovers

My philosophy for holiday celebrations has always been 'the more, the merrier.' Before we started coaching, we were living in the house we thought we'd live in forever back in Chicagoland.  The flow of the house, the finished walkout basement and the yard were all appointed with entertaining the masses in mind, and entertain we did. Every year we were in that home, to my delight, most of the … [Read more...]

Reinforcing Your Calling

New to the 2013 schedule, each team in the NFL plays a nationally televised Thursday night game. The preparation between the prior Sunday's game and the Thursday match-up is intense with one or more near all-nighters, but the weekend following the game becomes a mini-Bye with an enjoyable couple days off. This past spring, we were informed that Mike was chosen to receive the Tom Landry Award … [Read more...]


This is the time of year I'm regularly asked my thoughts on celebrating Halloween as Christians, and I'm happy to share my response. Halloween has its roots as a Christian celebration. It originated as All Hallow's Eve, the eve of the Western Christian feast of All Hallow's Day, which was a day to remember the dead including saints, martyrs, and faithful departed believers. At some point … [Read more...]

Birthday Boy

                  Both the Baylor Bears and the Chicago Bears posted birthday greetings on their Facebook pages of the man I used to be married to. I've actually only had one husband, but over the last 35 years I've known him, he's been a few different men. The first guy is the one I met as an 18-year old freshman at … [Read more...]

Giving and Receiving

...or so I thought. Turns out, though, I've had to re-think this of late. A while back, I heard a message at church about how we are really good at giving, but need to learn how to receive. Of course, on the anniversary of the attack on our country September 11 twelve years ago, we all think back to how as a collective nation, we rallied and gave. We gave generously of our money, our time, our … [Read more...]

Weeds and the HOA

The home we are are currently renting, I believe I mentioned before, is in a beautiful, gated Jack Nicklaus golf community. The houses are meticulously landscaped, each different in design and style, and the trees are mature and lush. That's part of the beauty of Minnesota ~ as soon as your bags are packed in late spring, right before the realtor is phoned, and you absolutely canNOT take another … [Read more...]

Sights and Sounds of Summer, pt. 2 {MILEstones}

I was a card-carrying member of the "I Do Not Run" club. For anything. Several years ago we had a very short layover in Europe, for which we had to all-out sprint in order to make the flight, and I was ready to miss the flight instead of run that far. For as long as I can remember, I used to say that I couldn't run past the mailbox, only being facetious, but it was literally true. There's a lesson … [Read more...]

Sights and Sounds of Summer, Part 1

There's probably no argument that the beginning of summer is one of the most highly anticipated events of the year. Christmas may compete with summer for generating the most enthusiasm for its arrival, but for the 2/3 of the country that experiences winter in all its splendor, we eagerly anticipate 'school's out for SUMMER!' The NFL's summer is abbreviated when compared to the rest of the world, … [Read more...]

Rites of Passage

Memorial Weekend, the traditional start-of-summer ~ even if the calendar chooses to hold off for a few more weeks ~ is usually a time for me to segue into the warm months, strolling through the flower markets and designing our flower pots in my mind. It's a time to sleep in, enjoy coffee on the deck and barbecue and putz. Not this year, though. This year, we celebrated! Mike, John, Becky and I … [Read more...]

On Mothers and Mothering

I would imagine I wasn't the only teenage girl whose mother's advice was met with eye rolls and disdain. How I treated my mom during my bratty high school years would be on the short list of 'Things I Would Do Differently If Given The Chance.' I didn't necessarily display rebellious behavior; I wasn't a police blotter type of problem child, but for matters of the heart, I am not proud of my … [Read more...]