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It’s the morning after the most divisive presidential election of my lifetime, and half of the country is in a panic, and the other half of this nation is elated. I have avoided posting my personal opinions on social media, preferring instead to stand tall in the face of division and point us toward unity. And that’s exactly what I’ll continue to do.

Irrespective of which side of the political spectrum you fall, you undoubtedly agree that as you look over the landscape of this nation, you see some gaping holes in character, values, and leadership. We have slowly fallen into a dangerous moral sleep and lost sight of God’s original intent for us as people. So guess what? It’s up to you. It’s up to me. It’s up to us to stand for what God stands for. It was never, ever the job of government to lead us; government’s place is to govern us. People lead. Government governs.

The horrible effects of Hurricane Sandy and the infamous Hurricane Katrina are a perfect reflection of individuals rising above awful circumstances, taking risks, standing up for what is right and good about humanity, and carrying a brother or sister in need. In the flurry of crisis, it’s about people helping people. Exactly the way God wants it. His original design for mankind was this: “I love you so much that I want to fill you with my love, so that my love in you will spill over to those around you.” Picture the man in New Jersey whose house miraculously still had power, while those surrounding him didn’t. What did he do? He shared his excess with others. He ran multiple power strips out in his front yard with a note permitting his neighbors to charge their phones or anything else that might help them. And he didn’t stop there…he plugged in a couple coffee makers and served his fellow man warm cups of coffee. No discussion of their political views. No taking political sides. No governmental mandate that he be required to help. Just being a literal light in the darkness.

On this morning after the election, I told my kids that this world will continue to get darker and darker. Not necessarily because of who sits in the Oval Office, although the occupant of that seat can certainly accelerate or decelerate the darkness. It is my sincere belief that within a couple years, the America that we know will look very different. It will be noticeably darker. Which is a call for us to be a light. In your neighborhoods, your jobs, and your sphere of influence, tiny though it may be, be the light. Nobody is looking for perfection; they’re looking for hope. Do the best you can to represent all that God stands for, which, by the way, is NOT hatred. He’s all about love. We need to be about His business and let what He pours into us spill out onto others.

Finally, I am voluntarily continuing my Monday fasts. It’s a great way to keep the focus on God and pray about anything He brings to my mind. Which leads me to my next blog, and I will turn it around rather quickly: I’ll tackle the subject of worried prayers.



  1. Connie Jacobsen says:

    Hello Kim ~ Love, Love, Love your wisdom! I have to admit my flesh is fighting my soul today. I spent the last two Mondays focusing deeply in fasting and prayer. I think I am in shock and yes, within my flesh, fearful of what is to come. I chose to trust deeper in God this very moment.
    I have two grandchildren and my son, Luke is young. Will our children ever forgive us?
    I thank you once again for challenging me to remain a light to all I face eye to eye. I will even continue to be a light to those who watch from a distance, for HE lives within me. I thank my God for His love and love for His people.
    You are such a light to me and so many others. I thank you, Kim. God Bless you Kim and keep posting and pouring out your heart. I love you and I love your family dearly. xo
    PS ~ Luke means LIGHT ~ Luke, too vows to display HIS light ~ 🙂

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