Rough Rider

This past weekend I drove and drove and droooove up to see Matt in Regina, Saskatchewan, to deliver his car to him and sneak a peek into his new surroundings. And while I was gone, I learned (or re-learned) a bit about attitude. In my last couple posts, I alluded to the number of trips I’ve recently taken by car. I’ve been across the dairy farms of Wisconsin multiple times, even made the 16 hour drive from my parents in Knoxville back to Minnesota. But for some reason, knowing I was to drive to Regina this past Saturday filled me with dread. I was excited to see Matt, excited to meet some of his Roughrider teammates and see the part of the world he currently calls home, but I really didn’t want to    make     that     drive.   Jackie went with me, thankfully, and we headed out at 4:30 am Saturday morning, my usual departure time for long rides. We both had reservations for return flights early on Sunday, so time was of the essence.

My first issue was that Starbucks isn’t open until 5:30 am. Minnesotans love Caribou Coffee, which isn’t the same as Starbucks. So, the further north into this fine state we got, the farther we were from my preferred coffee vendor. I’m my father’s daughter, so I had the trip all mapped out, highlighted and starred in Fargo, North Dakota for the first Starbucks I’d come to. Only 3 1/2 hours away. No problem. BUT, because I had such a rotten attitude about the drive, and a rotten attitude about Caribou Coffee, I put myself in a precarious state of mind. It was as if my eyelids each weighed 10 pounds, for they wouldn’t stay open! I pulled into a rest stop for some quick shut-eye, which helped greatly, but put us 40 minutes behind.

It wasn’t so much the time delay that frustrated me, as it was knowing that my attitude about the trip was making it so much harder than it needed to be. After that rest, I changed my mindset, which allowed my outlook to change. By that time the sun was up, and I saw the beauty of the land. The trees were a splendid array of the brightest of hues, and the strategically placed lakes and ponds reflected a gorgeous blue sky. Jackie and I had fun, an experience neither of us will ever forget, and we simply sat in the car together for hours. Great conversations flowed and beauty surrounded us.

When we finally reached Matt, our rear-ends were both ready for a break, so we walked around the city a bit and had a nice meal. Conversation turned to his frustration about being on the practice squad and wanting to make a contribution to the team and the outcome of real games. Fresh from my revelations on the way up to Canada, I was able to share with him that this part of his journey was all about his attitude. Joy in the journey. And he, too, was reminded of that simple truth. We had an enjoyable evening, which he described as being a boost to his spirits. At o’dark thirty the next morning, we were off. Gotta love a big guy that isn’t afraid to hug his mom:

And, from the front…looking a little worn out from the journey:



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