Rise Up…On Our Knees

Unless you've just landed here in America from another planet, you're intensely aware that there is a very important election coming up on November 6. I abstain from making quippy comments about candidates, or even 'liking' snarky statements on Facebook. As an American citizen, I feel the political arena has become so disappointing. In my opinion, our nation's leaders have completely lost sight of … [Read more...]

Rejoice for Others

The beautiful Jack Nicklaus-designed neighborhood our rented home is in has been the setting for so many life lessons and God whispers as I sauntered up and down it's streets over the last year and a half. I think about how fragile and stung I felt a year ago, half-fearing the impending change of season, bracing myself for the worst. Looking back, I can still rather vividly feel the progression of … [Read more...]

Rough Rider

This past weekend I drove and drove and droooove up to see Matt in Regina, Saskatchewan, to deliver his car to him and sneak a peek into his new surroundings. And while I was gone, I learned (or re-learned) a bit about attitude. In my last couple posts, I alluded to the number of trips I've recently taken by car. I've been across the dairy farms of Wisconsin multiple times, even made the 16 hour … [Read more...]