Where’s Matt, eh?

In my mind, many people read my blog. And maybe only in my mind, lots of folks are left hanging when I make random comments several months back about an update on Matt and his goings-on. Believe it or not, I don’t forget those things; instead, I’m rather haunted by the fact that for so long there was nothing to report.


This Tuesday, he’ll head even further north than here in Minneapolis to don this uniform (or a version of it):

Pretty cool, huh? He has been invited to the Canadian Football League as a member of the Saskatchewan Roughriders! Truth be told, I don’t know my Canadian provinces very well, so I did a little Google Maps work before posting this. He’s north of us. Waaaaaaay north.

He came home for Christmas last year having completed his college eligibility. He was a defensive end in college, but Mike felt his true position was more of an outside linebacker. So he went to work. And work. And work. He slimmed down to a stronger, leaner version of his former self. Not only that, but being cooped up with me allowed me to guide him through some spiritual issues and a couple weeks home while Mike had the flu this summer helped seal his maturity. There’s no way we could have known last December that he’d be shipped off to Canada to play linebacker in a league where linebackers more closely resemble defensive backs in the NFL. They are quicker and faster…exactly what he was able to accomplish for himself this year. God sure knows what He’s doing, I am once again reminded.

He’s ready. I’m so proud of all that he accomplished this year. He’s in the best shape of his life…physically, emotionally, and most importantly, spiritually. Go Roughriders!!!! Eh??


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