A Word to the Wives

It’s time for my annual advice column for those of us whose lives and marriages are interrupted by football, at any level. This year, though, I’d like to speak more directly to how we treat each other as fellow wives.

For those new to the blog, I’ll reiterate my imperatives for while your man is in training camp:

First, and foremost, you can’t possibly know (unless you’re an olympic-caliber athlete yourself), the pressure he is under and the heavy burden he is carrying right now. It doesn’t matter if he’s an 8-year veteran or a rookie, there’s an inherent pressure to perform at his peak each and every day, both in the classroom and on the field. He is experiencing insecurities and silent fears that he’ll probably never verbalize; just know they’re very real.

Because of that pressure, what he needs from you is for you to be happy. He needs to know you’re well and content, so he doesn’t have to think about you. That doesn’t sound horribly comforting, but it’s the honest truth. Obviously, you won’t always feel happy or content or well, but the most important piece of advice I can give you is to find someone other than him to share it with. Please know that I’m certainly not referring to serious life and death matters; those obviously need to be addressed. I’m referring to our myriad doubts, fears, and insecurities that we are plagued with as a result of his involvement in this game…especially any fears about his making the team!! Please don’t share them with him; instead, any time you think about worrying about his status on the team, YOU PRAY! Pray for him, pray for yourself, and pray that God would put a watch over your mouth.

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Possibly the greatest cause for our insecurities and fears is the relationship with the other wives/girlfriends on the team. Why do we see everyone as a potential threat?? Why don’t we welcome every new girl with open arms? Now, I do recall that back in the day, nameless Bears teammates of Mike’s had a wife and a girlfriend show up for some of the functions. That we do not welcome. But aside from that, I would like to issue a challenge to my NFL wives to set a classy example for the new girls. It seems as though the ‘Real Housewives of (Anywhere and Everywhere)’ have made catty gossip and nonsense not only acceptable, but practically expected. Please Stop. Let’s do our part to raise the level of maturity on our respective teams. We have the power to positively effect the changes that result in acceptance and inclusion. May each and every one of us have the mindset of ‘Let it Begin with Me.’



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