And then there were two

This was the scene this morning: two lone backpacks ready for the first day of school. The serenity pictured here is a far cry from the crazy days with 5 and 6 backpacks littering the back hallway and mudroom. Throw in some sports bags, a smattering of tennis shoes and you've got the reason doors were created. The 2012-13 school year is upon us, and so is a new assignment for me. Well, maybe … [Read more...]

A Word to the Wives

It's time for my annual advice column for those of us whose lives and marriages are interrupted by football, at any level. This year, though, I'd like to speak more directly to how we treat each other as fellow wives. For those new to the blog, I'll reiterate my imperatives for while your man is in training camp: First, and foremost, you can't possibly know (unless you're an olympic-caliber … [Read more...]