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Football fans on Facebook have been posting status updates about the upcoming football season, delightfully ticking the days until the start of training camp and the first regular-season game. I’m also friends with several NFL coaches and players’ wives, and they’re singing a different tune ~ trying to salvage the last few days with husband and father home. I’m in that last camp…not quite ready for Prime Time. It may only be my imagination, but I am convinced that the off-season gets shorter and shorter every year.

This summer (and I refuse to acknowledge that we’re on the downside of the season), we jammed as much as possible into our four short weeks off. I’ll update our adventures going back to June, and promise to be more faithful in posting in the next few weeks.

There were two events of major significance for the Singletary’s, and both of them left us with an unpleasant taste in our mouths. First, this photo sums up the most exciting event:

This is our home in California, with a SOLD sign in front of it!! I made very little mention of the fact that it took 15 months to sell this house. Those 15 months stretched, pulled, and nearly tore my emotions until I went nearly numb over the amount of time we were carrying the financial burden. I went from enthusiasm to frustration to perseverence to aggravation to surrender. Maybe that’s where I should have started ~ surrender. Whatever God had for us, I should have just resigned myself to. But, finally, a wonderful family from only a couple miles away bought it. We were thrilled for ourselves, excited for them, and the negotiations went smoothly. We were doing a final spot termite treatment, and not to imply it was them  but the timing was awfully suspicious but all of the plasma televisions and electronic components that we negotiated with the buyers were ripped out of the wall and stolen!! Thank God for insurance, and I thank God that the buyers were understanding and agreeable; we were able to come to an understanding and finalize the deal.

We pre-signed the closing documents and had everything ready to roll, because on closing day we were headed down to Orlando for the National Volleyball Championships with Becky’s team. We rented a house in Orlando and chose to prepare the meals for the girls while they competed. It was an arduous, yet enjoyable, task. The girls ate really well and had great fun. Volleyball for Becky was a challenge this year. For the first time, she had to really second-guess whether or not she even wanted to play the game that has always come so easily for her. She sustained a pre-stress fracture, had to take a month off, and was able to come back two weeks before nationals. I’m married to a coach, and they are very human, so I do my best to never criticize the coach; but suffice it to say that the tournament didn’t go the way that any of us as parents thought it would. Becky left Orlando convinced that her volleyball days were over.

So Mike and I left for our favorite spots in Europe, the new owners of our California house have moved in and settled, and Becky headed off to camp to seriously ponder and consider whether or not she will continue to play. We gave her space and time to make her decision, and look forward to a healthy discussion when she comes home.

Our word for the summer season was ‘surrender.’ Total surrender to what God is trying to do in us and through us. Hoping Becky chooses wisely :).




  1. Kims singletary(really) says:

    Happy to see your house finally sold. Its funny but we actually received a real estate agents proposal for listing your house a while ago. I guess its because my husband & i share the same names michael & kim singletary but he was way off thinking ya’ll had moved to our 1 stop traffic light town & I found your website because of a google alert I have set up. I like to think that God had his hand in this because some of your posts have been really enjoyable to read. Anyways good luck with all that is new for ya’ll in the coming year:-) michael & kim

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