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By the end of next week, the Singletary Family will be hoppin’! Kristen and Cooper will have moved into their own digs, Jill and OJ will be in for a visit/decorate Kristen and Cooper’s new digs/help unpack boxes in new digs, Matt will learn of his NFL fate, and Jackie will have graduated from her LINK year program. Throw in my trip to Branson, MO for the graduation, a volleyball tournament, and the NFL Draft, and I’d say we’re full!

But until then, I’ll step waaaaaay out of my comfort zone and share with you that I’ve begun a new weight-loss program. I won’t give the name yet; let’s save that for the 20-pound-loss anniversary. This is relatively new, while being really old to me. By that, I mean the program is new to me, attempting to lose weight is old. I’ve done many programs in the past, which appears to have done a number on my metabolism.

When we moved to Minnesota, I mentioned in previous posts that I felt this was a time for reflection and healing. I felt prompted to take a hard look at how I take care of myself, and knew that I needed to make doing so a priority for the first time in my life. There have always been digestive issues for me, so I decided to begin a whole food, plant-based program. While those foods helped eliminate digestion discomfort, I wasn’t really losing weight (even though eeeeeeverybody else did!) So I ran into a friend last week who had lost a significant amount of weight since the last time I saw her, and she shared the program she was on. I raced over there after our discussion, and found that I could incorporate my whole foods into a program that brought more balance, and as a result, weight loss.

So here are my random observations after a few weeks of food focus:

  •   I’m required to fill in a food journal. Before this, I ‘snacked’ waaaay too much! I never counted those extra calories, but they add up.
  •   I wasn’t drinking enough water. Can’t say that I enjoy it yet, but I’m committed.
  •   Drinking so much water has afforded me the opportunity to become well acquainted with every bathroom in the Twin Cities.
  •   I have been my own personal saboteur. Past attempts of mine have been sabotaged with my own ideas about how things ‘should’ be.
  •   There are alternatives to bread. And there’s a reason I never ate them. I’ve never bitten a piece of cardboard but I’m pretty sure I know how it tastes.
  •   I am actually proud of my discipline.
  •   I don’t love exercise. Not sure if I ever will.

I’ll post about our big end-of-April doings very soon!



  1. Cherie says:

    I hear you, Kim!! Good for you on the discipline!! The older we get, the harder it seems to stay healthy….. By this point, we’ve found SO many more good things to eat and drink, and there’s no one to tell us “no” but us!! 🙂 Plus, as (I think it was) Erma Bombeck (?) said, at our age, our bodies and our fat are really good friends!! Hang in there!

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