Great Friday


After a relatively wimpy winter, we’re experiencing a beautiful, early spring. In my mind, spring is the reward for enduring a long, brutal winter in the parts of the country that experience real winter. I’ve made no secret of the fact that I look for the reward in everything. I would have been an incredibly easy puppy to train. It’s a quality that is equal parts survival and bad habit that I possess. As I get older, I am finding that not every difficult/trying/sacrificial situation I face has a tangible reward associated with it; sometimes, it’s just plain-ol’ life. But that doesn’t keep me from looking for the reward every time.

This weekend, we share in the ultimate sacrifice/reward. The dark, gloomy, empty, confusing, hopelessness of watching Jesus die the horrible death on the cross on that fateful Friday 2000+ years ago, gave way to the bright, overcoming, comprehensible, victorious resurrection the following Sunday. In the past few years, I’ve been studying all of the benefits of Jesus’ death on the cross, and I’ve only scratched the surface. It’s mind-blowing, actually, to fully comprehend all that Christ’s resurrection affords us.

So, yesterday, making an effort to be mindful and reverential of the true meaning of Easter, I essentially split my brain in half to formulate a plan and compile lists to accomplish all that needed to be done for the commercial side of Easter that our kids have grown to love and look forward to. Following is an exerpt from my brain: caution: not a woman out there will be confused, and not a man out there will understand how a woman’s brain can jump from subject to subject in a matter of seconds. “Today’s Thursday? uh-oh. I better make a plan for Sunday. Which church service should we attend? Cooper’s working Sunday morning, so we’ll go Saturday evening. I wonder when we should color the eggs. Oh wait, I’ve got to remember  to get the dye. How many eggs do I have? Better get some more. Uh, I better write a list. I hate writing lists, but there’s too much to remember for the whole weekend. I better pay attention to what I’ve already gotten for the baskets. The m&m’s are already gone? Gee! I just bought them. Maybe I won’t replace them. That’ll be too much sugar by Sunday. I want to make sure I take time to reflect on Friday afternoon; I gotta make sure I don’t blow by the significance of Easter. Should we have the kids watch The Passion of the Christ again? I wonder if our old church in California is going to do the Passion play again? Ugh. That makes me think of _________ (somebody I have a hard time liking)”. With that, I felt like God said, ‘I died for him, too. Everything I did on the cross I did for him, too.’ Well that certainly stopped my rambling thought process cold!! Being vulnerably honest, I was feeling thankful ~ and maybe a tad pious ~ for the magnitude of blessings from the Cross, but I forgot I needed to share those gifts with someone I wish Jesus hadn’t been so sacrificial for. 

I took the words right out of Jesus’ mouth: ‘Father forgive them, for they don’t know what they’ve done.’ And forgive me, too, for yet another ugly-hearted thought.

Happy Easter! Make it a Great Friday and don’t allow His death to be in vain.




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