Bookend Boys

With the closing of February, we put birthday celebrations on hold for a few months. Kristen, our first, was born in June which seemed a lovely time of year to have a baby. I am a June baby myself, so I'm a little partial to the month. It was perfect until, a few short weeks after her birth, Mike left for training camp (back in the days of 6-week long, out-of-town camps). It took me exactly zero … [Read more...]

3 R’s

This week flew by, following last week's 3-day President's Weekend. I had the privilege of speaking at a women's retreat for the second year, and I've fallen in love with the community of Warsaw, Indiana, and Warsaw Community Church. I felt as if I was visiting home again. Last year, in the early stages of my emotional healing, I spoke to them of the importance of not giving up, staying the course … [Read more...]

Strong Finishers

Earlier this week we celebrated Jill's birthday (and my Dad's!). Jill is our 3rd child, and she had a rough start. Not a dramatic, life-threatening rough start; but an attractiveness rough start. If you have girls, it doesn't take long to notice that they're much more appearance-aware than boys are; having five girls together was primp overdrive. Except Jill ~ she really wasn't concerned about her … [Read more...]

Blind Faith

Aint. No. Way. (poor grammar intented) There is no possible alignment of earth, sun, and moon; no amount of coaxing or prodding that would result in my driving my car onto a frozen pond. I understand that the ice is 18" thick; I understand that you need a drill contraption in order to fish; I'm even from Michigan where these kinds of antics are commonplace. But not for me. Especially when these … [Read more...]