This Guy…

I posted the first birthday tribute to Mike last year, and it was entitled ‘This Guy…” I thought it was perfectly fitting to use every year, primarily because it’s one of his favorite sayings when he’s fooling around with his sons or his buddies. An entire year has gone by, and what a year it has been. In some ways, I cringe when I look back and read that post, because we were in the middle of such a difficult season; sometimes the pain is still palpable. And then in so many other ways, the place we’re in right now is good and right and healthy. Last year seems like a long, long time ago, which is a true sign of healing.

We celebrated 27 years of marriage this May, and I am still a little surprised by the amount of relational growth that still takes place. Mike is always looking to improve, where I may be more inclined to leave well enough alone. I’m eternally grateful that he never settles for ‘good enough.’ He strives for excellence in everything, which by default raises the bar for me. That’s a good thing ~ I need the bar raised for me; I’d probably never raise it myself.

He’s known by many names ~ #50, Samurai, Coach, Sing ~ but he’s got a new moniker now … Papa. He has always loved babies, and will sit with our granddaughter, Brooklynne, for as long as she’d like.


I can tell you that there is nobody I’d rather go through life with than this man. I’m proud of his devotion to God and his dedication to our family. It is a wonderful feeling to know that I’m loved and cherished, and that I can honestly ask anything of him, and he’d do everything in his power to do it for me. He’s loyal and humble, fiercely protective and intense and loves harder than anyone I know. We’ve been through the ringer this year ~ financially, physically, and emotionally. But his faith never wavered for a minute. He was the lighthouse in my blinding, torrential storm.

Happy Birthday Mike. I’m so proud to be your sidekick for these last 30 years. I know God is pleased with the man you’ve become.



  1. From The Land Of Vikings says:

    It’s all about God and family. That’s what counts and gets us through this sometimes difficult thing called Life until we come to the “Steve Jobs Moment” and can say “Oh wow! Oh wow! Oh wow!” as we pass on to Eternity.

    Next year, GO VIKINGS!

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