Did ‘ya ever…?

…have one of those days? Or three?

My Thursday and Friday started on a negative trajectory, and then my Saturday simply nose-dived. I know that there are serious issues that some of my readers live with on a daily basis and would give their right arm to only deal with the petty annoyances that altered my week; but I’m not referring to important matters such as those. I don’t mean to be disrespectful of serious life issues, and I’m normally flexible and easy-going, but sometimes a series of difficulties can weigh you down like no other.

I have chosen not to drink or to smoke, and I can understand that for many people they can provide comfort and calm. But yesterday, I was acutely aware of my need to go to church.

Our church offers a Saturday evening service, but with volleyball tournaments and travel the past several weekends, we hadn’t been able to go for about a month. Oh, did I need it. Yesterday’s volleyball tournament that Becky played in was particularly discouraging, and she asked if, instead of dashing home and showering to change into church clothes then racing to the service, perhaps we could just skip. Again. It was tempting for a brief minute, but my soul was screaming, ‘NO!! Get to church!!’ So I made the unpopular decision to get us to church.

You probably know what’s coming next. It was just what I needed. The pastor was out of town, and his wife made a rare appearance as the speaker for the weekend. Sometimes I still marvel when I remember that God knows exactly what He’s doing, for she delivered a message that not only perked my soul up, but it also illuminated my hungry heart. I had somehow convinced myself that we had no business being in Minnesota, that so many of the mounting negative circumstances were insurmountable, and I wasn’t so sure of God’s plan for us. But NOT ANYMORE!! I had a virtual IV for my soul last night.

God invites us to ‘Come unto Me, all who are weary.’ I had grown weary of difficult. Not impossible or overwhelming, just difficult. Seven hours in rainy traffic difficult. Bad grades difficult. Unsold real estate difficult. But, thanks to a timely and encouraging Word, I’m no longer weary. I am encouraged, once again. If you’re struggling with difficult, try getting back to church. It’s probably exactly what your soul needs.



  1. Kelly Ditta says:

    Thanks Kim…….that struck a cord. We do get caught up with our to-do-list and ‘our view of life’. Staying plugged in at Church or bible study helps us to refocus on ‘ God’s view of our life’!! xoxo Kelly

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