…and Middle School Football

The junior high football programs that we’ve been associated with have all played their games on mid-week afternoons as soon as school lets out, and the Middle School that John attends is no exception. There are 6 games on the schedule, and all are primarily on Tuesday or Thursday. But for NFL coaches, Tuesdays are game plan implementation day, and Thursdays are for practice, leaving it next to impossible for Mike to ever see one of John’s games. I am certainly able to attend, and after 30 years of watching football, I can even offer suggestions and pointers to improve his game. But it just isn’t the same as when DAD shows up.

So imagine his delight when this week’s Monday game was moved back to last Friday. NFL coaches and players are out earlier on Friday so the players can rest up their legs and bodies a bit in preparation for Sunday’s game. Which means that Mike can attend a Friday game! And last Friday, he did. For the first time, Mike was able to see his little running back perform. Oh the pride. Oh the excitement. Ever since the scheduling miracle was first announced, John began counting the days. He had a game earlier in the week, and made mention more than once that he needed to rest up so he’d be ready to show Dad what he can do. I had to fight back a tear when we were driving on Thursday, and John said, “Mom, Dad’s really excited to see my game tomorrow, isn’t he?” Translation:“Mom, I’M so excited for Dad to see my game tomorrow.” But he’s 13, and I’m always careful not to cross that delicate line ~ the one that wants to squeeze him; I stay on the other side and simply say, ‘Oh. You have no idea how excited he is about it, John.’ And he was.

I thought I’d share a few photos from the day. It was a perfect day all around…the weather…his stats…and the scoreboard. A day we’ll remember for a long, long time.

He couldn’t resist taking a peak when we arrived:

Our little running back:



He has waited so long to be able to play tackle football, and feels so proud to carry his gear:

Loved getting tips from Dad:



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