Costumed Couples Shower

I am not, and really have never been, a fan of Halloween. Even as a kid, I could skip right over the day and head straight for the Holidays ~ the REAL holidays! I've been asked many times about my opinion of whether Christians should celebrate Halloween, which is considered by many as satan's holiday. So here's my opinion... We never celebrated Halloween as a holiday. The day had one purpose, … [Read more...]

Did ‘ya ever…?

...have one of those days? Or three? My Thursday and Friday started on a negative trajectory, and then my Saturday simply nose-dived. I know that there are serious issues that some of my readers live with on a daily basis and would give their right arm to only deal with the petty annoyances that altered my week; but I'm not referring to important matters such as those. I don't mean to be … [Read more...]

This Guy…

I posted the first birthday tribute to Mike last year, and it was entitled 'This Guy..." I thought it was perfectly fitting to use every year, primarily because it's one of his favorite sayings when he's fooling around with his sons or his buddies. An entire year has gone by, and what a year it has been. In some ways, I cringe when I look back and read that post, because we were in the middle of … [Read more...]

…and Middle School Football

The junior high football programs that we've been associated with have all played their games on mid-week afternoons as soon as school lets out, and the Middle School that John attends is no exception. There are 6 games on the schedule, and all are primarily on Tuesday or Thursday. But for NFL coaches, Tuesdays are game plan implementation day, and Thursdays are for practice, leaving it next to … [Read more...]