On College, College Visits, and College Football

What a whirlwind couple weeks I've had! We've been preparing for Jackie's new college adventure for the last six weeks, and the time for her to leave home to embark on the next exciting phase of her life finally arrived. We loaded up her car and she and I headed out before the crack of dawn last Wednesday en route to Branson, Missouri. The kids have attended Kamp Kanakuk for at least 15 … [Read more...]

Ten Years Later

It's September 11, 2011 and all manner of media has extensively honored the fallen heroes of that fateful day 10 years ago, when our country was so violently and brutally attacked. The discussions have ranged from 'where were you when it happened?' to how our country has changed since that historic day. As all Americans 15 years of age and older, I remember exactly where I was. We had just … [Read more...]


This Sunday, smack dab in the middle of the Labor Day weekend, was Mike's last day off until the Bye Week, which for us is in early November. Because I promised not to live with dread in my last post, I purposed to be optimistic about the free day we were given, instead of thinking about the 60 days before the next time we can spend together. The kids all woke up at 11 am to the smell of bacon, … [Read more...]