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Barb and Don Courtley, aka Babs and Abraham…

After the volleyball tour of Italy referred to in my last post, we boarded a cruise ship in Venice. Cruising, as I mentioned, is our favorite way to see the world. But this particular cruise was especially eagerly anticipated, not just because the temperature of our rooms in Italy never even approached ‘comfortable’ in the sweltering summer heat; and not even because the water temperature of our shower never approached ‘warm’. No, this cruise became extra special the spring day that we booked my parents on it. I spent the better part of March, April and May travelling back and forth from California for two weeks at a time, and each time I went back out west, one of my parents came and stayed with Mike and the kids so they could carpool and cook in my absence ~ which required their absence from their new home construction that required their attention.

I do not take for granted for one minute that I have parents that are still youthful and vibrant, and they have teasingly forgiven me for making them even younger, vibrant GREAT grandparents a few weeks ago. One look at sweet Brooklynne erased any misgivings about that. For many of us, summer is the time we carve out a week or so to head back to our roots, and this summer was no different for us. We were able to visit Detroit, but because my parents’ house was nearing completion, (and because I dragged them back and forth from Minnesota most of the spring), they were unable to visit while we were there. So this cruise was the first opportunity we had to have real, uninterrupted time together.

I’m not sure what your relationship is with your folks. As a child, I naively thought that all families got along like my family did. Perfect? Nah. But years later, my mom and dad poke fun at some of their imperfections ~ most of which are fodder for raucous laughter at family gatherings. But I must give them credit for diligently working to avoid the family disharmony that some of their friends are sadly living through. And the dynamics of our not-so-perfect household growing up produced some fun-loving and loyal adults ~ adults that won’t take having both parents around for granted, even for one minute.

If I were to look back over my parents’ life and summarize it with one statement, it would be, ‘Be a Blessing and You’ll be Blessed.’ They have, indeed, been a blessing to all five of their children and grandchildren, and they are, indeed, being blessed. Here are a few photos that capture some of the rest, relaxation, and beauty that we absorbed this last week:

And now it appears that the NFL lockout is over. We’re ready and prepared, rested and relaxed to head back home and face a new season in a new city, with a new team. Besides, it’s not like football is every really off his mind:




  1. Kelli Moscara says:

    Kim, You are so blessed to have your Mom and Dad. I don’t know if you remember my Mom but she now
    lives with my sister Karen in Acworth, Ga. I live an hour south in Fayetteville, Ga. and my sister Kim lives in
    Novi, Mi. Let me tell you whenever any of us need her for anything she is there. She has a special relationship with all 5 of her grandkids. She is a great Mother, Grandmother and friend to all. I wish I could take her to Italy like you took your parents but she is happy that we all just want her to be with us. My Dad is still around too. He lives in Fla with his wife who we all love. My Mother is always welcome there too. She has spent a few Thanksgiving over there which really tells you what kind of person she is. Thank you for your reminding me how special and how lucky we are to have our parents around. Yours sound awesome too! God Bless you and your family. You have really been blessed in your life. Love and Peace! Kelli

  2. Kim says:

    I DO remember her, Kelli! I just remember a sweet, sweet smile. And happy! She seemed happy. So glad to know you’re blessed like that :-).

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