I wanted to hurry and get the post off, but I should have waited. We headed out to a small farming community in Italy, about an hour’s drive from Venice. We stopped at the town’s only restaurant, whose facilities reminded me of what I love about America the most!! Hands Down, it’s INDOOR PLUMBING. And not just indoor plumbing, but indoor plumbing with an actual toilet seat! I’ve never been more thankful.

Forgive the crude subject matter and photos, but the kids had fun with this one:

In spite of the more primitive accomodations, a great time was had by all. Here are a few more random photos of the volleyball matches and fun. The girls had a unique opportunity to play with and against the boys, which means a higher net. They had to get their jump on!

As they departed for home, the smiles on their faces tell it all. They had a fabulous European vacation:

And now on to reeeeeeeal relaxation. After dropping the kids off at the airport for them to head to camp, this is what awaited us:

The surprise upgraded room on the boat!

Bon Voyage!!




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